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How mobile Phone apps benefit today’s businesses

BUsinesses that have come to terms that PC and server based applications are becoming out dated, are increasingly incorporating mobile and wireless solutions for their business processes to reduce time and improve the performance.

This is also knowing that mobile phones have become a vital part of everyone’s life. However, besides chatting, connectivity, games, internet access and various applications which make mobile phone a close partner to users in recent times, mobile applications also enable businesses to proceed without any interruptions, no matter where they are located. There are so may ways in which mobile applications benefit. They include:

Efficient work flow and tracking _ reporting can be easily done with the help of mobile applications instead of making it manually or through emails. One can immediately report to their respective senior through mobile applications.

Desktop versions can be done on mobiles: you need not waste time in sitting in front of the desktop to access a particular application, all you have to do is download the same one to your mobile and access it in seconds.

Anytime and anywhere: you need not search for internet access, your mobile phone allows you to access it at any time and any where.

Ease of application: you can complete any of your tasks through mobile phone, you can even make payments through various mobile applications.

Stress releasing games: to get over through stress and anxiety, you can have various game applications on you mobile. Some of the apps that can help in these regards include:

1. Chase mobile application is available for iPhone, iPad, blackberry and android smart phones. This application is beneficial for personal, business as well as commercial purposes. Users can check their personal account balances, transaction history, credit card payment date and amount, loans, investments, insurance and online banking.

2. GPS systems are primary but not the only means of establishing the location of your handset. Wi_Fi and cell ID systems are also important in situations where GPS do not work. They help the users to keep a track of their location. Routing technology or GPS technology in smart phones having digital cameras can enable you to ‘geo-tag’ pictures taken from the cameras. GPS is a vital application which allows people to send data where they are right now just like they are moving around in the real world.

3. As social media is exploding, the networking activities do not end when you leave your computer. Thus you can update it through your mobile phone now. Various social media applications like eBuddy, tweetie, Qype, Flickr, Foursquare, Facebook, Gowalla, Yelp, You Tube and many others are available for all the smart phones like android, windows 7, blackberry and all other Apple devices. They make it easy to stay connected and share information with friends and business associates within minutes.


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