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Star Mega promo winnings: How far consumers go

By Princewill Ekwujuru
How far did you go to win this car? This was the question, this reporter posed to Koko Akaninyene, one of the three car winners in the on-going Star Mega Promo. The 22 year-0ld indigene of Cross-River State said he drank more than fifteen bottles of Star in less than two weeks before he emerged as one of the winners of the Star Mega Promo.

Speaking with journalists after he was handed the vehicle, Akaninyene said, drinking that much of the beer was no big deal to him since Star was already his favourite brand. “People express surprise whenever I tell them how many bottles of Star I took to win this car.

“In any case, I would not have been able to assembly the four winning crown corks to spell ‘STAR’ if I hadn’t taken that much bottles of Star,” he added. ‘’

Still, the journey to winning the car was not easy for Akaninyene who works as a waiter in a restaurant in Enugu. “It was easy for me to get the crown corks with the letters, ‘T, A, R,’ but getting ‘S’ proved to be difficult. I kept on drinking Star, hoping to get it. Thank God that I got it at last,” he said.

After getting the much sought after letter, ‘S’, Akaninyene, says he hid the crown cork under his shoes and would only take off his shoes whenever he had to take a bath. He even went to bed, wearing the shoes with the crown cork inside safely tucked inside! But his efforts were not in vain as he is now the proud owner of one of the 24 Toyota Corolla cars to be won in the promo.

Another winner, Nicodemus Andrew Dodo, a security man had his own interesting story to tell about how he won the car. He went as far as buying a crate of Star immediately he learnt of the promo “Immediately I saw the promo on TV, I dashed to the nearest bar to buy a crate of Star.

Something told me that I would be among the winners and I held fast to my conviction. My wife thought that I was mad but I knew what I was doing,” he said.

His ‘madness’ paid off as he finally won the much coveted Toyota Corrola. Just like Akaninyene, Dodo, easily got the last three letters, T, A, R, after consuming all the bottles of Star in the crate but getting the crown cork with S proved to be a stumbling block to his quest of owning a car.

“You won’t believe that I couldn’t get the four complete letters from the 12 bottles of Star in the crate I bought. I kept getting, T, A, and R but the S just kept evading me until I exhausted all the bottles of Star.  At that point I was really discouraged because it cost me a lot of money to buy that crate of Star. ‘’

As interesting as these stories are, the reality is that Akaninyene and Dodo are now car owners. So also is Joseph Teye. The waiter, who works in Protea Hotels, Abuja, didn’t have any dream to convince him that he would be amongst the Car winners neither did he have to wait two weeks, drowning bottles upon bottles of Star in the process.

Unlike Akaninyene and Dodo, he got the four winning crown corks in one day and at a sitting! The Kogi born father of one simply calls himself a lucky man. ‘’I will just say I am a lucky man. I heard about the promo the first week it kicked off but I didn’t really believe it.

I really wasn’t thinking about the cars on the day I got the complete crown corks. I was just relaxing with my friends at our favourite Abuja and drinking my Star when one of my friends mentioned the promo. I decided to check what letter I had under the crown cork of my beer and I saw that it was S.

When I showed my friends they screamed that they had been trying to get that particular letter. They told m
e that S was hard to come by. So we decided to buy more bottles of Star and that was how I got the other crown corks; in one day and at a sitting. I still can’t believe it,” he said.


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