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Arewa Consultative Forum condemns single tenure

The Arewa Consultative Forum, ACF, has criticised the single tenure of six years for president and governors in the country as proposed by President Goodluck Jonathan.

National Publicity Secretary of ACF, Mr. Anthony Sani who made this known in a telephone interview with Vanguard said that the solution to the myriad of problems facing the nation required those in authority to respect the sanctity of human life as well as their social contract with the people and not single or two- term tenure.

Sani said that although the forum has not met formally to articulate it views on the issue, the single tenure as being Nigerians were being made to believe had no incentives to motivate those seeking political officers for excellence like the two term tenure.

He further said that the problem with the country was nothing than the total collapse of ”our national ideals and moral values” adding that although democracy may differ in forms from country to country, but the elements of liberty, justice and common decency remain the same.

His words, ”ACF is yet to consider the pros and cons of the single tenure suggested by Mr. President; but I am not sure if the single tenure or restructuring being bandied about are the solution to our national malaise.

”After all, many countries across the globe operate two- terms tenure which enable their socio-economic and political development. We are not different from other people in the world.

”Nigerians must not forget the import of this truism by J. P. Morgan that no matter how good a law may be, it cannot replace human judgement.

”I believe the problems of Nigeria emanate from total collapse of our national ideals and moral values, including collapse of social contract and lack of respect for sanctity of life.

”For example, democracy may differ in forms from country to country, but when it comes to its elements of liberty, justice and common decency, democracy is about the same and universal.

”Those who can redefine elements of democracy may as well, reinvent the wheel and redefine the truth.
”That is precisely the problems of Nigeria. Unless Nigeria is under the watch of those who would not redefine the elements of democracy, it is foolhardy to expect that mere restructuring or single tenure would be the panacea of the myraid of problems confronting the country.

”And this is precisely because any system of human affair without incentives to motivate operators towards excellence cannot be managed for performance. Single tenure has no any incentives needed to motivate for excellence.”


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