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Politician re-assures on socio-economic devt

A LEADING politician and technocrat from the South east, Senator Ebenezer Ikeyina has declared that Nigeria ’s moment of hope of being transformed into an economic and political giant in Africa has truly come.

Speaking with reporters at President Goodluck’s inauguration in Abuja , Ikeyina said” You cannot but notice determination and sincerity in the eyes of the duo as they swore to serve all Nigerians.

All I can tell you, gentlemen  is that the kind of men and women who are needed to strengthen the hands of our President are those who are ready to throw themselves completely into serving Nigeria , those who hold dear the core values of honour, integrity selflessness and hard work. From what we can all see, business-as-usual people cannot find relevance in this new Transformation Team.”

While congratulating President Jonathan and VP Sambo, he said that the leadership qualities for which they are noted- honesty, patience, fairness and the love for country will guarantee them success in the four crucial years ahead.

Ikeyina called on all well-meaning Nigerians to put aside party sentiments, ethnic or sectional differences and line up behind Mr President in implementing the shared vision of transforming our dear country.

“The dividends of democracy we all clamour for  is actually going to flow from the level of support we give our Government. It’s all in our hands and from the look of things, Mr President has a lot of pleasant surprises for Nigerians”.


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