By Mohammed Adamu

Truth is there have been uncountable ‘talks’ given, numerous ‘papers’ presented, many ‘books’ published and several ‘documentaries’ made exposing the monumental lies fed the world about 9/11 and Osama bin Laden. In fact, 75 professors and scientists from different universities in US said they believed 9/11 was an inside job, and that the Bush administration engineered the destruction of the twin-towers to create an excuse to pounce on un-cooperative oil-rich Iraq and Iran. Just like they have suddenly found the perfect excuse now to go for the Libyan sweet crude, – hitherto shrewdly dispensed by a clever, uncooperative nut, Gaddafi.

Only not having equitably handled the spoils of war in Iraq, this time America has left the ‘oily Libyan bone’ for her tutelaging ‘European allies’ to build their ‘aggression dentition’ on and thus like a mother Cheetah gamesomely setting a slightly wounded impala pray on the run for her cobs to learn the skills and lessons of predation, war-mongering America has graciously left the Libyan killing fields to a gleeful France and an enthusiastic Britain.

By the way many experts said that the way the second plane turned to hit the WTO towers, it had to be a military plane. And many aeronautic engineers including senior pilots that flew Boeing passenger planes and air buses said such turn was impossible. Plus the plane looked more like a military plane than a passenger air bus. Not only did it have no nose, while close to the towers the flying object even appeared to have shot at the building before ramming into it. Then, there were the systematic bomb blasts heard by many tourists within the towers long after the crashes.

Experts also said that the steel beams of the twin towers -usually made to withstand more impactful storms and tornadoes- could not have melted at the temperature jet fuel would burn nor would the two black boxes meant to withstand temperature at 3,000 degrees centigrade be  missing -indicating they had melted at 2,000 degrees! Then at the Pentagon scene of the attack not only was no debris found, there was not a single part found of a whole Boeing passenger plane except a small engine of a fighter plane.

But even more ridiculously, air-borne information given by the American government included phone calls in which a boy allegedly said to his mother “Mum, this is Mark Bingham. We have been hijacked, can you believe it?” No! What the world found hard to believe was that little Bingham, speaking to ‘Mum’ had to mention his sure name!’ Or by the way, that mobile phones could work at 30,000 feet.

At 4,000 feet experts said the possibility for mobile telephony was .4 per cent; at 8,000, a mean .1per cent; and at 30,000, a slim .006per cent. And, the joke as someone said was that the US had spent hundreds of millions of dollars to reach mobile connectivity at that height and had failed, but that in 2001 with the phony hijack, it did -courtesy of a befuddled little Mark Bingham. How could the CIA stand the quizzical gaze even of a patriotic American jury, hearing Osama’s defence counsel reel out these and even more?

Truth is Osama did not, legally-speaking, die guilty. He died an accused. Presumably innocent of some, most or all of the allegations against him! And, moreover his comments only a few weeks after 9/11 in an interview in ‘The Umma Magazine’, condemning “killing of innocents” as “wrong” –Islamically-, belied the claim that he pulled 9/11.


What is the cause of terrorism, you may ask; the answer will never change: Injustice! Said a retired Indian Justice, Hosbet Suresh. “If you do not care about the victims of injustice, the victims of injustice will take care of things by themselves. If it is broadly agreed that the deliberate killing of innocent civilians is a central element in the definition of ‘terrorism’ then… the worst terrorist of the century should be the U.S.”

And, number one terrorist in the world he said was “George W Bush”; who, if you remember, a U.K. MP George Galloway had said “It will be justified if a suicide bomber goes and kills…without killing innocent civilians” and about whom a Nobel Prize winner, Betty Williams proudly said she would “love to kill”

Nonetheless “The permanent feature of American policy” said Suresh, “is global war. It will never come to an end. As long as the fear of terrorism is there they are happy. They need this! Because as a result of this …freedom and liberty get curtailed. We are gradually sliding into a security society” he warned, “Your movements, your transactions, your contacts are to be tracked”.

Which George Orwell in his book ‘1984’ had foretold: “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever…And remember that it is for ever”.



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