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Not about democracy (1)

In 2000 Naomi Klein, an award-winning American journalist published a 490-page ‘anti-corporate branding’ book titled ‘No Logo’ in which she exposed a global underworld of a new crop of corporate predators who…

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The legend of Comrade ‘Chu’

Before he was made Minister –or ‘Secretary’ as the novelty then was-, in the post-June Twelve contraption that had also in it Shonekan answering to HOG or Head of Government, Comrade Uche Chukwumerije, the now bellicose, warmongering, two-time Senator from Abia, was a ‘comrade’ in the frugal sense of the word: famished-looking, austerely-dressed and definitely seeming unable to wait for the littlest nourishment to recant old, non-provident ideologies.

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In the mind of Musdapher (2)

Rousseau -although a proponent of legislative supremacy- seems to be on the same page with Musdapher: ‘the people’s obligation to obey the law depends upon their ‘freely’ CONSENTING to it’! Meaning although ‘who’ writes the law may smell like the ‘Sovereign’; or ‘who’ interprets ‘it’ may seem like the ‘The Law-giver’; it is who CONSENTS to the law that is ‘the law’!

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In the mind of Musdapher (1)

Of the many jurisprudential issues raised last Monday by Richard Akinjide at the Special Session of the Supreme Court marking the commencement of a new legal year, was the United States’ near-Constitutional crises of 2000. That year, U S electorates were in a quandary; and the ‘democratic’ world itself was ‘curiously transfixed’ –by the G.W. Bush-Al Gore Presidential Election debacle.

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Now that we have ‘moved forward’ (3)

I had asked myself intuitively what else was there to write about the ethno-religious- bloody-letting on Jos (Plateau) that had not been written before. Or that I have not written about before now!? Is it the virtually ‘do-nothing-say-nothing’ attitude of the clueless, near-complicit Jonathan administration on the Jos massacres, or is it the notorious failure, usually, of our ‘un-intelligent’-or maybe ‘over-intelligent’- ‘Intelligence’ organisations; or better still the subtle, guile-and sometimes barefaced complot- of our compromised kind of journalism practice?

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Now that we have ‘moved forward’ (i)

It all began with a ‘dutiful’, uncharacteristically impatient Goodluck Ebele Jonathan; then only a harmless Vice-President of necessity; his terminally-ill principal, President Umaru Yar’Adua, bedded in far-away Saudi Arabia, a subject of needless ethno-regional controversy; and himself Ebele ‘luck-dependent’ as ever, and now virtually at the apogee of his most valuable political ‘manna’ yet from heaven, was –quite pardonably you might say- ‘covetously’ beside himself: enthusiasm-filled and waiting to grab the chisel to hew the very hedgy polity that he was, by the way, constitutionally heir to and about which Yar’Adua was raring to depart intestate!

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What manner of ‘human element’?

Magnus Kpakol, as Chief Economic Adviser to President Obasanjo, once explained ‘economic growth’ in the sense I discerned to mean a most ludicrous paradox. Like: ‘progressing on the path of retrogression’, or maybe ‘gaining in the direction of losses’; or yet ‘improving on the path of depletion’; or better still ‘growing from the rump of decay’.

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