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Academy tasks Jonathan on national transformation


The Nigeria Academy of Engineering has called on President Goodluck Jonathan to partner with Nigerian engineers to bring about the required national transformation in the nation.

President of the Academy, Engr. (Dr.) Edet Amana, said this was important because the national transformation required to create jobs, increase industrial production and impact the economic and social being of the people.

He said it was possible if Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) is put in the driving seat of the nation’s activities.

Speaking at an occasion, which had research professor, Institute for Economic Research on Innovation (IERI), Tshawane University of Technology, South Africa, Prof. Mammo Muchie as guest speaker, Amana said Information Technology Infrastructure (ITI), the sets of concepts, services and practices that are the makings of engineering and are required to ensure effective utilisation of Information and Computer Technology (ICT) rules the world presently.

He noted that nations and economies which recognise and put in place strategies to enthrone Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) as the driving force behind their economic development are those who will not be left behind in the economic and social development race.

“In today’s knowledge-based and knowledge–driven society, all elements of production and management are driven by learning, competence and innovation through the applications, skills and products of SET.  It is therefore of utmost importance that we put in place and implement strategies that ensure that our ITI are robust to sustain our national, regional and global objectives`’, Amana said.

Speaking at the event, the Guest Speaker, Prof. Mammo Muchie, a Research Professor, Institute for Economic Research on Innovation (IERI), Tshawane University of Technology, South Africa, said that it was only when Africa economies are able to integrate agriculture with manufacture by applying science, engineering and technology that they will be able to change the current unequal relations they are in today with the rest of the world economy.

relating on the basis of primary commodity transactions with the world economy, it faces continued economic dependence and fragmentation and lack of structural transformation of its fundamental economies’ structure”, the Research Professor said.

Muchie who said Africa current pattern of insertion in the world economy comes at the cost of fragmenting the African economic and political space, noted that it appeared the continued cost of fragmentation is supposed to be offset by Africa being in the international aid system.

He therefore said that whether Africa fragmentation is supposed to be offset by aid or national development should be a genuine issue for investigation and reflection.

The event also had some distinguished members of the Academy who have made enormous contributions to the edification and practice of engineering and technology in Nigeria being recognized and honoured with life Achievement Awards while a few others who have been found worthy by virtue of their contributions to the knowledge and practice of engineering and technology were inducted and received into fellowship.

The Nigeria Academy of Engineering is a think tank that seeks to provide leadership in national engineering and technology issues. It brings together very senior practitioners and contributors in the field of technology, engineering knowledge and engineering science to pool their numerous resources of intellect and experience for the development of the nation.


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