By Kola Animashaun

The Akirogun of Egba sounded like a small boy when he called me the other day.  He sounded excited, animated like a boy who has just been given a new toy.  Segun Osoba told me Obasanjo had finally owned up to a lot of things: namely about himself and Gbenga Daniel, the outgoing governor of Ogun State.

Of Osoba, Obasanjo said: he accorded him all the respects that a Yoruba would accord an elder.  That Osoba gave him a land to erect his Hilltop mansion and topped it up with the land to build his presidential library.

In his own words, Obasanjo said: I enjoyed more respect from Osoba in Ogun, more than any other governor.  Osoba gave me land to build the presidential library, even the house where I now live…

There were other things which Segun Osoba probably did not count as anything.  He was at the beck and call of the older Segun when he visited Abeokuta or Ota. No wonder he thought from one another; Yoruba to another Yoruba he would give him every due respect.  No wonder Lam Adesina also sang his praises and started the chorusing: Let us support Obasanjo for the second term.

It was like a dream and it caught up like a wild fire. Nothing some of us would do would change the direction of the fire.  Segun Osoba endorsed the elder Segun even at Ake Palace.

And, Obasanjo started his thing and Osoba was a goner.  Many of us who did not believe in Obasanjo said so to no avail.

We even said that Osoba should print billboards and other illustrations. Segun Osoba was so sure his achievements would speak for him.  He did not reckon with the wily Owu man.  And, the rest is history.  But it landed him up into the wilderness for eight years.

One would have thought he would have wonderful things to say for Gbenga Daniel, the outgoing governor of Ogun State.  Not him.

Said Obasanjo: Daniel had been a great disservice to the state.  He failed to connect with the people in the last four years.

Now Obasanjo knows that the roads in Abeokuta metropolis are in deplorable condition; he blamed perennial water scarcity in Ogun State on the outgoing governor.  He blamed the non-remittance of N1 billion counterpart funding on the state government.  The remittance is to complement N1 billion provision he (Obasanjo) made into the Federal budget for water provision in the state.

Obasanjo, until now, did not know that instead of improving the lives of the people, their lives were worsened.
The Ebora Owu knew all of this and he still continued to make arrangement to instal bodies in the National Assembly, the state governorship and the state Assembly.  And, he was disgraced.  He did not lift a finger in the fight with Amosun and he did not see the death of Dipo Dina as an indictment of PDP.

Then, he did not see Senator Ibikunle Amosun as one who offered good leadership.  Now, he knows that Amosun is my blood brother.  I know him very well.

The Egba did not see what Gbenga Daniel did in eight years but Obasanjo backed him until he (Gbenga) wanted to nominate the governor and I do not know who insulted who.  But I remember the way he (Obasanjo) insulted Mimiko and his mother.  Mimiko fought tooth and nail, jettisoned PDP and won with the Labour Party.  We all say dan saki to him (Mimiko).  We hope he will not go back to PDP.  I remember there is no permanent friend but permanent interest.

Of course, Obasanjo has lost out, according to Gbenga Daniel: PDP has lost out; Obasanjo has lost out.  Gbenga Daniel has lost out.  Obasanjo never says die, as I write this, he would be designing some surprises: to now come back to the centre-stage.

I warn the Akirogun and Amosun, especially PDP.  Just beware of the Greeks even when they bear gifts.
My congratulations to your son, Olumide, the new Member of the House of Representatives.

Politician is a politician
A politician is a politician even when he is a journalist.  I will not ask what was wrong with Alhaji Kehinde Olaosebikan, the Chairman of Oluyole Local Government.

Kehinde was a journalist with the Vanguard until he went into politics.  I would have thought journalists would rationalise whatever they do.

Kehinde asked eligible voters in Oyo State to disregard the endorsement of Senator Abiola Ajimobi by the Ibadan Elders’ Forum.  That would have been on the level but for the riders not to vote for an unpopular candidate from an unwanted party.

Kehinde knew Ajimobi was a Senator of the Republic who won on the ticket of AD when PDP was popular. He went on to win the governorship ticket of ANPP even when he was robbed of the mandate by Alao-Akala. Now he has done the hat-trick. How unwanted could he have been?

Like most politicians, Kehinde may go back to ACN and lick his spittle.  A pity.

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