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Mid-Year Refocus

“If we all did the things we are capable of doing we would literally astound ourselves.”

— Thomas Alva Edison

Just before the New Year I wrote an article asking you a question, “What is possible for you and Nigeria?” I wanted to encourage each of us to look closely at our mind set as we entered 2010. I hoped to help us clarify our commitment to creating the personal and national progress we each long for. Our mental set regarding what is or isn’t possible determines the way we spend our resources.

It is June already. Six months of 2010 have flown by. Will you join me in doing a mid-year review?

Let’s examine our present mind set. Please take note of your automatic responses to the following questions.

Are you saying “I can’t” or “I can?” Do you say, “We as a nation can’t” or “We as a nation can?”

Are you rehashing problems or dialoguing about solutions?

Are you dismissing things as impossible or looking for hidden opportunities?

Are you focusing on the faults of others or looking for the good in them?

If each of us answers these questions with an honest heart, we will begin to shift from a limiting mind set to one of empowerment, one that will support growth and change.

Feel the power you have when you choose to think and speak in the following terms.

I can do anything I decide to do. We as a Nation can do anything we decide to do.

I am a solution-driven thinker. We find solutions to our national issues.

Opportunities are bountiful, and I am willing to see them.

I see the best in people and help them see it too. I see the potential in Nigeria and do my part to help her develop.

These affirmations represent a change in mental set. The thoughts and words we choose can produce dramatically different results in our personal lives and the condition of our nation. .If you will use words like the ones above on a consistent basis, your power and confidence will begin to grow.

I’d like to introduce you to a man with an empowered, solution-driven min dset. He believes that Nigerians have the talent and power to join together to move the country forward. His name is George Ashiru. From his youth, George was a high achiever: a world class athlete, television presenter, magazine and newspaper columnist, Mr. Nigeria and motivational speaker.

In 1990 George received an invitation to the special convocation of the University of Lagos, for Dr. Nelson Mandela. Dr. Mandela’s speech ignited George’s inner fire. That speech produced a dramatic change in George’s purpose and goals. He began to contemplate ways to emancipate Nigeria from misrule and mediocrity.

In George’s words, “Who says we can’t dream freedom for Nigeria? That we can’t dream greatness for Nigeria? That we can’t dream prosperity for Nigeria? If you have the audacity of hope on your side, write down the vision, activate it, and it shall come to pass with God on our side. Let’s begin to dream and activate our desires for our nation.”

A few months ago George wrote a piece entitled, “Project Nigeria: Building a New Nation From First Principles.” In it he says, “. . .[Nigerians of] our generation are so diversely trained, exposed, experienced and capable, that there is no problem that we cannot fix. If the 20plus Km 3rd Mainland Bridge could have subterranean solution not requiring a demolition, what foundation is there that a faithful and committed people cannot redo. We do not abandon our buildings just because they leak water we fix them. We do not abandon the house because the windows are cracked we replace it. We do no migrate just because the pillars are stressed we rebuild them. Our generation’s challenge, this Jubilee year, is to rebuild the foundation for true nationhood.”

Through years of focused effort, George has founded an organization called Nigeria: Town Hall Meetings Project (THMP). THMP is a cause dedicated to the collation of the views, ideas, ideals, values and mission concerning the nation Nigeria. The Town Hall Meetings are held in all the geo-political areas of Nigeria and the results properly emulsified into a document that will contain several bills presentable to the National Assembly by Nigeria’s Jubilee celebrations in October 2010. THMP is also involved in community action and good governance and citizenship initiatives. The THMP is a cause and its primary goal is to have a popularly influenced blueprint in 10 areas of much needed reform in community, state and national existence. Nigeria: THMP is completely apolitical and secular and its scope is National in nature.

THMP is one of many groups that are actively working on finding solutions to the issues. They are holding a series of regional events where emerging leaders will propose new vision, new values, new actions, for a new nation. The initial event will be held as Onigbagbo House, Opposite Carlink (29 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Abule Bus Stop) in Ikeja, Lagos on Saturday 26th of June at 12 pm (promptly). The event is FREE. Registration for this open event is via email to or call 08077500015 or 07025422520.

The questions remains, “How are you planning to use your unique skills, passions and concerns to change Nigeria?” There is a role for you even if you have not yet found it. The time for you to step forward is NOW. If you have a direction I encourage you to pursue it with renewed energy and determination. If you do not have a direction, I invite you to consider attending the THMP free event. I encourage you to attend this event to be inspired and join in dialogue on the issues.

If you agree with their philosophy, join with them and get to work. If not, let it stimulate you to find a group that resonates with you and get to work. If you can’t find a group, perhaps you have leadership and passion to start one. We must each do our part and work together to create solutions to the problems that have plagued Nigeria for far too long.

Your assignment this week is to consider what part you can play in helping Nigeria progress? This week, I invite you to think deeply and pray for clarity. Ask yourself, “What part can I play?” Write down your answer. Then whisper this prayer, “Guide me to like-minded people and organisations with whom I can join to create a tide of progressive change in Nigeria. Help me to believe in my personal capacity to be part of this change. Help me to believe in the power of Nigeria to progress. Show me the way forward to doing my part. Help me to encourage others to do the same. Help me to stay focused and courageous even when the path forward seems dark and uncertain.”

Remember the words of Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Together, we will create a Great Nigeria.

Food For Thought

“The most important resource we have for generating constructive change in Africa is our cooperative imagination and mind, and our capacity to unleash the imagination and mind of communities, churches, governments and individuals.”

— Sarone Ole Sena

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