Forty five years old Sunday Jacob, is well known in Benson Otele street, around Iyana -Ajangbadi area of Lagos. . His popularity in the area  however followed two major tragic happenings in his one- room apartment on number 4.  

First was the death of his twelve- year- old daughter under mysterious circumstance while the second was the death of his wife, three years ago, forcing him to take his only surviving son to his Afikpo , Ebonyi home town while he remained in Lagos to continue his auto mechanic work.

Jacob, as gathered, was caught pants down with the seven year-old girl who had gone to fetch water in  his compound. Before then, the usual presence of the little girl around Jacob never aroused anyone’s suspicion, considering the fact that he was not only a regular customer at her grandmother’s palm wine shop, bu,t he also treated her like his own daughter by repeatedly giving her money .

The reason for his seeming generosity  was exposed when the little girl’s elder sister of about nine years was searching for her penultimate Sunday. She was said to have gone to Jacob’s room but noticed that the door was locked from within.  Out of curiosity, she reportedly peeped through the window where, to her bewilderment, she saw ‘daddy Jacob’ as he is fondly called, on top of his sister.

Suspect denies
In this interview with Crime Guard, the 45-year old man who kept twitching, denied ever having carnal knowledge of the little girl.  Rather, he confessed to have only fingered her on the number of times he had  the opportunity.

Hear him, “ Eh, I did not sleep with her, how can I? What I did was only to play with her”. Asked to explain what he meant by play, he stated, “ eh……, I carried her on the lap and started playing with her by rubbing her body and inserting my index into her. I never slept with her.

Dates on Sundays
Asked how many times he indulged in such horrible act,  he could not mention the number of times. Also asked how he succeeded in carrying it out considering the fact that he lives in a public compound otherwise known as face-me-I -face you, he revealed, “ I usually do it on Sundays but not every Sunday .  I am a mechanic and I have my workshop at Agboju.

So, what I do is to go to the workshop on Monday and because of the distance , I do not come home regularly. I stay at work and come home on Sunday. Usually it is in the mid-day when everyone would have gone to church”

Asked why he picked on just the little girl among other children and how he managed to bring her to his apartment , he replied, “I usually go to her mother’s place to buy palm wine while she also comes to my compound to fetch water. Usually , anytime they come to fetch water, she would come to my room and demand for money to buy biscuit and I will give her N20″

Admits at last
A question posed at him on whether he had at anytime made love to the little girl met with an expression of doubt on his face. At first , he pretended he did not understand what making love meant . But later, he admitted by saying “ Yes I slept with her . I have slept with her. Most times when she comes, she will even run to me on the bed and even sleep on me . Then I will start playing with her before doing the thing”
Sexual urge pushed me into it

“Whenever she comes to my room and climbs on me, my manhood will rise and I can not control myself.   I lost my wife three years ago and since then I have remain unmarried . At times, the urge to ease myself sexually will come and coincidentally, she would come around. This is a bad thing and I know . It is the devil that used sexual urge to get me. I regret every bit of it. It is as if the ground should just open up and swallow me up”, he said remorsefully.

How he was nailed
While he spoke, mother of the child sat far off. When approached, she revealed that after her nine- year- old daughter peeped through the window and saw them, she did not immediately report to my mother whom I usually leave the children with anytime I am travelling . But to my mother’s surprise, Jacob came to her , saying she should warn my nine -year-old daughter, threatening to even beat her if she dared him.

Efforts to find out what my daughter did to him  proved abortive as he just walked briskly back to his house. My perplexed mother called my nine year old daughter to reprimand and even beat her for insulting an elderly person.

But when she enquired from her, she revealed what she saw. You can imagine him trying to use that as cover up. He actually exposed  himself. Who knows , my daughter would  not have told anyone”

Medical report
Crime Guard learnt that the girl was later taken to General Hospital, Badagry byt he Police for vaginal test.   The report, according to Police sources, confirmed that the hymen of the little girl had broken. It also confirmed the presence of offensive discharge from the vagina.

The little girl according to Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Mr Frank Mba , would be sent for further text to confirm if the odour from her private part signified any infection whatsoever.

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