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The exigency of zoning in Ogun State

By Bolaji Adeniji

DEMOCRACY, with all its abiding principles is a concept of inclusion, will of the majority, liberality, freedom, equal access to collective commonwealth and the sharing of God-given resources in an equal, fair and justifiable manner whereby the interest of all is respected and protected.

This assertion also takes into consideration the inequality of men in terms of access to opportunities and privileges. Hence, men ought to share what is available in a rancour-free manner while letting what is not enough to go round equally and to the detriment of none.

Under this dictum, threats, subterfuge, egocentrism, selfishness and other indices of human commonisation is absolutely incongruous. George Orwell averred in his classic book  Animal Farm that: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than the others”. If this maxim is true of animals, could same be true of men? If true, then something is definitely wrong with the psyche of men, such that men begin to act like animals that don’t see themselves as equal to others based on their physical strength, population or terrestrial location and as such exude the proclivity to trample over less-endowed animals.

The exigency of men being equal came from God who decreed it to be so and an attempt to act otherwise amounts to questioning the sovereignty of God over men. The consequence of violating this fundamental dictum is self-immolation to such men who try to repudiate the course of human existence. It is on this premise I assert that Ogun State cannot be an exception to what I call “Divine law of equitable distribution of God-given resources and privileges”.

The unnecessary hoopla over where the next governor of the state should emerge from has generated so much passion and effluvia; and it is at the vortex of the political fault lines in Ogun State today.

The latest of such ingratuitous gaffes came from two sets of people, obviously from Ogun East Senatorial District. The first is a man who is an unprincipled party renegade and a pedestrian within the Ogun PDP political family today, Revd. Jide Awosedo. He remarked at a press conference covered by the Punch few days ago that “the issue of zoning is not relevant in democracy; it is undemocratic and as such will not be applicable in Ogun come 2011”. His misguided and deviant ally, Senator Lekan Mustapha granted an interview to ThisDay saying that “Ogun zoning formula is a huge joke”.

These statements are irresponsible, disingenuous and a surreptitious subterfuge deliberately orchestrated to posture Ogun PDP as being in disarray. If not, why are they pre-empting the outcome of the zoning committee inaugurated by the Joju Fadairo- led Exco? Are these politicians afraid of their own shadows and track records? Why are they rabble-rousing and crying foul where there is none?

The answers to these pertinent questions will reveal their consciencelessness, innate insecurity and morbid fear of their putrid activities within the party coming back to hunt them in an environment of order and tranquility. The Ogun 2011 gubernatorial tussle is obviously driving otherwise dignified men to the height of perfidy.

Many patriots and well-meaning Ogun indigenes have come out to patriotically say that the next governor and indeed all other political offices must emerge on the principles of justice, fairness and equity, which is also visibly enshrined in article 7c of the constitution of the PDP. If they are oblivious of it, they should get one.

Politics, as practiced today in Nigeria is that of patronage brought about by our ethnic complexities which in the end determines the political structure. That is why every government programme, policies and appointments are based on ethnic considerations; a situation that necessitated the Federal Character Commission, meant to contain competing interest from our heterogeneous population.

These complexities are more profound at the states because the ethnic groups are actually domiciled there, which makes the competition keener at that level. Consequently, each state must adopt a method to make what is limited to be shared in a rancour- free manner through the principles of give and take; using instruments like “rotation and zoning”. As debatable as this may seem, facts and figures support it to be true. Hence, for the gubernatorial position, each of the four divisions in Ogun eagerly awaits its turn at Okemosan; but unfortunately, one leg out of the quadrant on which Ogun stand, has been perpetually subjugated and schemed out from attaining the ultimate political ascendancy in the state. That is the Yewa-Awori people of Ogun West District. It is the unintelligent anticipation of the fact that Ogun West might have it this time around that is making  Revd. Awosedo and his confederates from other divisions to foment crisis.

Mr. Adeniji, a social activist, writes from Abeokuta.


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