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Onyedika disappointed with Eagles World Cup preparations

By Eddie Akalonu
Former Green Eagles attacker, Ifeanyi Onyedika’s hisses, said all he thinks would be Nigeria’s fate at the World Cup in South Africa next month.


When asked about the Super Eagles chances at the World Cup, he retorted, “we just have no chance with the way things are being handled and I must tell you how disappointed  I am that Nigeria has planned to fail yet again, when we could have made the most use of opportunities.

The former  Enugu Rangers attacker and one of the football heroes of Nigeria as a member of the 1980 African Nations, tried very hard to pick the words with which to describe his frustration at Nigeria and the 2010 World Cup.

“It’s a and hard murky terrain for us. What we are still thinking of doing about now concerning the World Cup, other countries have long concluded, so it’s late now because if up till now we are yet to see and rate the Eagles ourselves before the competition begins, then, I’m afraid there’s not going to be a credible or fantastic performance from our team at the World Cup. That is why I say, I’m not expecting any good result from our team.

If anybody is expecting something fantastic, I don’t think so. Frustration and disappointment will rather be because as a coach, you set out your plan, you make judgments and I, for instance, would stand by my judgment any day,” he said

Onyedika, winner of the FA Cup back to back in 2006 and 2007 with Dolphin Football Club of Port Harcourt expressed shock as Nigeria’s World Cup preparations are shrouded in controversy, suspicion and the hanky- panky acts by top officials of the Nigeria Football association, NFA as in the case of choice of hotel accommodation for the team.
“It’s amazing that nothing is being done while it’s just talk, talk and  and talk from officials.

The situation is worse than we had on our hands  in 2006 that we failed to qualify for Germany. It’s been dark cloud over warm up matches that would at least give an insight into the team. I’m in shock that officials have failed  to take all reasonable and permissible measures to put in place the best possible plan and arrangement on ground for the team that would give the country a good outing in South Africa.

After stints with Ebonyi
Angels, Dolphin and now Wikki Tourists as a coach, Onyedika could be said to have experienced the ups and downs associated with coaching in Nigeria.

“Like I said, Im’ not expecting the team to do anything magical. If any Nigerian is expecting results from the team, that Nigerian will only be disappointed when time comes. Eagles coach Lars Lagerback ate his own words the other day and is now singing a new song away from his  earlier pledge to qualify Nigeria for the semi- final of the World Cup,” he said.
Asked what he thought of Lagerback’s volte face, Onyedika replied this way. “ No! no! no! I will tell you the man has decided to be a Nigerian, acting Nigerian and a good one at that matter. Who would not be. He will not pretend to be an amateur, but portray to us the professional that he is. May be he has seen what is on ground and after making a deep thought of the situation on ground, he has studied us, our football culture, how and when he can say things to capture our imagination.

He has quickly withdrawn his pledge to take our team to the semi final, knowing the best time to do so is probably before the crash, so he won’t be blamed.  Has anybody called for his head since he made the u-turn? It’s simply no because, he got us.

Everyone has taken his word and we are all calm about it. Of course very well meaning Nigerians who love the game and know what our team can do, knew quite well that Lagerback’s earlier semi final pledge, was a huge joke and to such people, that he has made a quick turn around, is a sooting development,” he stated.


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