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Police nab Terry G

Wave making Hip hop musician, Terry G, was last Tuesday picked up for questioning  by men of the Oduduwa police department. The act followed a petition sent to the Lagos Sate Police Commissioner by a certain G.T. Emiko, alleging that the musician defaulted on a musical performance contact after  receiving a N500, 000 fee. In addition, he also alleged to have collected money for five return tickets for his travel party.    


The money was allegedly paid directly to the producer himself  by Cyril Emiko, son of Surveyor G.T Emiko for special guest appearance at Cyril’s graduation party which held on the 29th of January this year.

The party was publicised all over the campus. Hotel rooms were allegedly booked and vehicles made available to convey the artiste and his crew when he arrived. Cyril was disappointed and aghast when the artiste refused to show up without reason and has received no refund (as at press time).

First, it was a furious father who called up Dele Abiodun, president of Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN), this week, to complain.

Unfortunately, Terry G is not a member of PMAN and the aggrieved father, Surveyor Emiko, who sponsored the party with the sum of N750, 000, threatened to get the police involved and possibly go to court over the loss. Police spokesman, Mr. Frank Mba, who confirmed our story, said the police department had received a petition from the aggrieved party and on the strength of the letter invited Terry G to the office for questioning.

“To be honest with you, the young man didn’t deny the allegation. Instead, he pledged on paper to repay every penny that he received from the aggrieved party”, Mr. Mba affirmed.
Was Terry G detained our reporter sought to know?

“No, he was not,” the police spokesman said.
“In civil matters like this, we try to avoid a situation where either party is detained, especially when a gentleman agreement is reached. Since Terry G was remorseful enough, we decided to give him a chance to redeem his image”

In our March edition of Showtime, we had reported how the young man accorded with production credits for hits like ‘Aiye Po gan’, ‘Pass me your love‘ and Free me now (which he sang), was  accused of fleeing with the sum of N500, 000, being payment for his performance at a graduation party at the University of Benin.


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