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By Angela Olu-Ajetunmobi
Shampooing is the most basic procedure done and often the first process undertaken in the hair salon. A clean head is the start of a good hair style, desirable and necessary for healthy hair to thrive. Generally, shampooing involves 2 basic steps:

Hair affair

1. Using water as the main cleaning
agent; and 2. Using the shampoo on the hair to help
the water clean the hair more

Of course, the water used for shampooing must ideally be ‘soft’ and not ‘hard’; otherwise it will leave a deposit of scum on the hair, thus making it feel ‘heavy’ to the touch.

The aim of the shampoo is to cleanse and put hair in good condition, with the aid of the ingredients in the product used.
Now, shampoo that contains soap less detergent is best for you for 2 main reasons:

? Soap reacts with chemicals in hard water to produce scum which coats the hair and leaves it rough and dull. But soap less detergent does not produce any scum whatsoever; it lathers well [though lathering has nothing to do with cleaning efficiency, people expect it & find it reassuring].
? Soap less formula has a neutral pH of 7; hair is left in better condition.

Shampoo should be predicated on hair type. Hair must be thoroughly combed before wetting to avoid tangles and tugging-trauma to the scalp.

Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle. Scrubbing and massaging may leave hair in a tangled mess. Always, always pour water generously on to the hair, through to the scalp, so that emulsification will be easy when shampoo is applied. Please, please, do NOT pour shampoo directly from the bottle on to the hair; that is crass! Always pour shampoo on to the palms, rub palms together before distributing evenly all over the wetted hair.

Use friction hand massage in circular movements systematically throughout the whole head. Mentally, imagine a map of the whole head to make it easier for you to know if every single square inch of the head has been scrubbed and massaged. If you want to know whether or not the client is satisfied with her shampooing procedure, watch out to see if her fingers/hands keep going to a certain spot on the head, especially immediately after rinsing out the shampoo, then please offer another wash. Most likely, you will find some debris which would explain the sudden urge to scratch.

Please do not compromise on water when you want to rinse. It is imperative: all traces of products must go out of the hair before styling stage. Product build-up is a major cause of stunted/delayed growth. The rule of thumb is to ensure that you continuously rinse hair for 5 full minutes. Do not assume: time the 5 minutes to get a result.

Incomplete rinsing means that the leave-in treatments added, may not give you the result you desire. Leave-in treatments must be applied on scrupulously clean hair to avoid the dullness that comes with product build-up.
Hair type should determine if and when a towel should be used after the final rinse.


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