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Aondoakaa re-brands

CHIEF Michael Kaase Aondoakaa, former Minister of Justice and Attorney-General of  the Federation would require sometime to comprehend his descent from the summit of his political sphere to a tiny place where he is meant to be forgotten quickly.

The re-branding of Aondoakaa with humility commences.

He is the biggest ministerial casualty yet, of the doctrine of necessity that made Vice-President Goodluck Ebele Jonathon Acting President. He spoke most vociferously against making Jonathan Acting President, twisting the law which way he thought would retain the seat for ailing President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua.

When someone thrusts his enormous bulk so determinedly into a fray, the fall, when he fails resounds enough to be heard miles away. Aondoakaa fitted this portrait well. He was so cocksure about his position on the law that against his stature and status as the nation’s number one law officer, he dared those who opposed him to go to court. The sarcasm in the option seemed to suggest nobody had a chance to succeed him in court.

He was combative, confrontational, and appeared pained if there was nobody to insult with his peculiar interpretation of the law, which made him accuser, judge and jury rolled into one. He brooked no opposing views. His defences of the President were embarrassing. There were times some wondered how someone with such high office could speak as if never needed to think about his utterances.

For Aondoakaa, his views are not meant to be contested. His acerbic attack on his cabinet colleague, Minister of Information and Communication, Professor Dora Nkemjika Akunyili was the height of his exhibition of the non_tolerance of others’ views.

Akunyili’s sin was her memo that asked the Federal Executive Council to reconsider its position that the President was not too sick to carry out the functions of his office. Aondoakaa was one of the conductors of the orchestra that managed a harmonious tune on the issue.

His loss of cabinet clout accounts hugely for his apologies to Akunyili, who had threatened to sue him for libel. Aondoakaa made uncomplimentary remarks about her tenure at NAFDAC.

It is almost guaranteed that Aondoakaa would not last too long in the cabinet, or would remain there with the most infinitesimal influence over state affairs.

Some people are asking for his outright sack. Others are delighted to see him take what they consider a demotion that should lead him to seek relevance elsewhere.

He is a lesson on the fragility of office, any office. Who would have thought the same Aondoakaa, who days earlier acted Nigeria’s legal god on every issue that affected the President would tumble out of the power frame so fast?

As Aondoakaa contemplates his options, there are still some ministers, whose role in the mismanagement of information on the President’s health deserves to be rewarded like Aondoakaa’s.

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