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Year 2010 is your year of abundance

By Folake Aina
Thank God we made it. Wow! We crossed over. What a relief. I am sure that with all my explanations you know it is all about times and seasons.

Listen! Key into it. It is very spiritual. Let your mind work positively. You need to feel and believe that you are crossing over. You know how important your thoughts are. If you think it . it will be it. No matter how good you did last year, you can cross over into greater things. No matter how bad things were last year, you can get out of that season and cross over into better things.

Move into 2010 very confidently. You must be very expectant. Renew  your mind. Increase the energy, and with great zeal, move into whatever you plan to do. If you took my counsel, and prepared for 2010  prayerfully, you will see things begin to happen. Prayer works. I am not saying that if you did not fast and pray, good things would not come your way. But as a reader of Woman to Women, you must know not to leave your life to chance. Your destiny is in your hands. You know what to do. Do it.

Your season of progress and abundance is here. More than ever, as one moves into a new year, it is very important to realize that you are closer to your end than you  were last year. So if you had a hundred years to live last year, it means you now have ninety nine years more. It is your business not to waste your life. You have this one life to live.

Slowly but surely, time is flying. You really want to roll with it. That should make you reflect on being the best you can be, and doing as much good as you can. Be focused . Do everything like you know you are going somewhere.

Enter the new year with great expectations. 2010 is going to be  a glorious year. Enjoy it. This is the right time to set goals for . Make up your mind that 2010 will be your year of achievements. Let us all have a positive mindset in the 2010 and see where that will lead us. Be very optimistic. As long as you keep moving, you are doing fine. You must be forward moving, never looking back.

Take a little time to reflect on the year 2009 and ponder and reflect on your achievements and mistakes. Let the year 2010 be a year of reconciliation and resolution. Thank God for another year. Now is the right time to dump all negativity. Get rid of all  anger, malice frustrations sorrow, stress of the past year and say hello to a new beginning. Communicate with the new year.

Do you get it? Even the new year has ears. Speak into it. That is what all your prayers are about. Command the year. Talk to the New Year. It is so easy. Become a prophet, and tell the  year what you want it to be for you. There is power in your tongue.  Just go on like this. “2010…hear me and hear me well. You are my year of peace. You are my year of joy.

2010, you are my year of restoration. You are my year of prosperity. 2010, you will not kill me. I will not die in 2010. I will live and live well. In this year 2010, I will be above and not beneath. I will not bury any of my children in this year 2010. I will not suffer any losses in 2010.

We all  know that life is filled with challenges and opportunities. Believe me, you  must move into this   year 2010 believing that you are equipped to win. Whatever you have is enough to take you to the next level in 2010. You must turn your stumbling blocks into stepping stones. You must see the new year as another opportunity to begin again.

It must be seen as an opportunity to grow more and see more and be more. Success is not just for certain people and you had better believe that. Anyone, can succeed a s long as they yield themselves to things that bring success. That means you can and will succeed this year if you are bent on it. when you’re driven to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals, nothing can keep you from them. It is a mindset. This is  the driving force that has catapulted many women into their places in  destiny.

It makes good sense to learn from ones past. Discover what worked for you in 2010,and  do more of it. This year  is not for empty words and story telling. It is action time. Success time. It is available to you.You must accept the change Challenge?

There must be things in your life that you must change. Just go ahead and change them, and there are things you know to do to get it right. Do them. All I am saying you need to tie up your loose ends and catapult yourself into success.

That is the opportunity that a new year brings. The opportunity to do it better. Go ahead. Grab the new year and  make it deliver what belongs to you. Happy New year.


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