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What is Style and who is a style Icon


Style is one word that is often used but quite elusive to define. Not many have been able to draw the line between fashion and style but there is a line. We spoke to some designers who bared their mind on what they consider to be style and who a style icon is. Here is what they said.

Sonsy Keluo-Udeke  (fashion designer)

Style is basically knowing what fits you and carrying it well. A style Icon on the other hand is  somebody who inspires fashion; somebody who is well packaged at all times, wearing what is good and what suits her and not necessarily what is in vogue. She basically sets the trend. I know quite a lot of people who represents that. I really don’t want to mention names because I design for a lot of them. But if I must mention a name, one person I really admire in Nigeria, is Nike Oshinowo because she packages herself well at all times. She has a good carriage, she wears what suits her body.

Sonsy Keluo-Udeke  (fashion designer)
Sonsy Keluo-Udeke (fashion designer)

Ololade Majekodunmi  (fashion designer)

Style to me is an individual thing. It is about how you are able to put things together and make your own statement. Style comes from within and I like people who are able to define style in their own way. Style embraces a lot of things from head to toe. Style is about your hair, your make- up, your clothes, your shoes, your colour combination etc. All these things combine nicely to form your style. So style is basically the statement you are passing across.
A style icon therefore, is somebody who is very striking in her carriage. She is somebody who understands herself as an individual and because she understands herself, she knows what to put on, she knows what kind of hair would suit her. She understands what to wear for day or for night. There are quite a lot of people that I consider as style icons. Beyoncy for me is a style icon.

Ololade Majekodunmi  (fashion designer)
Ololade Majekodunmi (fashion designer)

Lanre DaSilva Ajayi
(Fashion designer)

Style is really an impression of yourself. And in expressing yourself, you have to be as  comfortable as you can be. When you are talk in about style, it is very important for you to be comfortable in what you are wearing. That basically is style. There is the simple style, classic or dramatic. It depends on the individual.
For me, an Icon is a nice avant garde dresser.

Lanre DaSilva Ajayi  (Fashion designer)
Lanre DaSilva Ajayi (Fashion designer)


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