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Ibori gets commendation for Forcados bridge

CHIEF James Ibori, the immediate past governor of Delta State, has been commended for the construction of Bomadi bridge across the Forcados river.

The National President of Ijaw People Congress, Ekanpou Enewaridideke,  lauded Chief James Ibori, saying that the Bomadi bridge constructed during the era of Chief James Ibori has opened up the Ijaw area for development

He said this historic boldness and sensitivity taken by the former Delta State Governor deserves  commendation from the whole people of the state and,  particularly, the Ijaws.

According to him,“based on my empirical comparative analysis of office holders in Nigeria particularly in Delta State, Chief James Ibori performed better than many political office holders in Delta State and beyond and I thank him for boldly constructing Bomadi Bridge which is today replete with development possibilities and, consequently, let us be generous with commenda-tion when somebody does well as it is with Chief Ibori.” he urges the people.

He challenged critic of Ibori  to convince him if there is any political office who has done better developmentally than chief James Ibori.

He intoned that for any critic of chief James Ibori.  who must have held any office in the past should first of all convince Deltans that their days in office were developmentally better than his.

He pleaded that Deltans who had failed the people, developmentally, in the past must refrain from sterile criticism for  no government in the state has developmentally beaten chief James Ibori records


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