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Mixingmania Competion: Malta Guinness set up challenge for DJs

By Princewill Ekwujuru
MALTA Guinness, a  malt drink from Guinness Nigeria Plc has spread her dragnet to yet another sphere of entertainment as the brand identified itself with Nigerian DJ’s, in its newly created music/entertainment competition, christened ‘Mixmania’.

It could be recalled that Malta Guinness recently premiered its new TVC named ‘Word Up’, which it took to different parts of the country, and as a brand that has defined it’s frontiers in music, the brand is out to search for the DJ that would come up with the best mix of the new Malta Guinness TVC theme song.

The ‘Mix mania’ is a unique DJ competition that has been conceptualized to discover any DJ nationwide who could come up with the best mix of the original vibes from the TVC, where a team of top rated musical entrepreneurs and stakeholders in the entertainment industry, will choose the best from the entries.

At the Malta Guinness ‘Mix Mannia’ competition, which took place last Saturday at the prestigious, Lacachette Night Club, in highbrow Ikeja GRA, many notable DJs converged under the watchful eyes of the Judges, made up of DJ ‘Humility’, DJ ‘Midas’ and DJ ‘Queenpin’, the only female judge among the pack.

Some of the DJ’s that made the final selection for the unique competition included DJ A2 from Benin, DJ Bethuel from Port Harcourt, DJ Grand Pa from Lagos, while DJ Eska and DJ Skyz from Jos, were also amongst the pack.
The show kicked off, with the introduction of the event and the array of DJs who were there to spin their ways through the Competition, by Deji Falope, the  Presenter who recently traversed the length and breadth of the country with Malta Guinness Street Dance Africa Competition.

Immediately after the introduction by Deji Falope, one of the judges, DJ Humility, reeled out all the rules and regulations guiding the competition to the competing DJs. The rules were well spelt out to the contestants and were centered on Tempo, Dressing, Blending and Attitude. Each DJ was given a time frame of five minutes to show the stuff they are made off.

First to mount the stage to display his dexterity on the wheel of steel was DJ A2 from Benin as he opened the floor for the commencement of the event.
Next to perform was DJ ‘Bethuel’ from Port Harcourt, Who trilled the audience with songs that  elated everyone present such that they could hardly hide their feelings as they nodded their heads in acceptance to his artistry skill on the wheel.

Next to take over after DJ Bethuel was DJ Eska from Jos. He however flexed his steel muscles in contest as he made the competition more competitive.. He made a mixture of hip hop that was well blended with the Malta Guinness New Television Commercial theme song which happens to be the idea of the contest itself.

In same order, DJ Grand Pa from Lagos performed, as he did not fail in his own bit.. He however reciprocated his name on the steel as some of his tracks were from the oldies.

Lastly to perform was the second DJ from Jos, DJ Skyz. He apparently did a nice blend of the Malta Guinness TVC team song and other songs as he also won the hearts of the audience in the steel jockey profession.

After showcasing their talents, and displaying acute understanding of the rules in the manner at which they dished out different soothing mixes of the new Malta Guinness TVC theme song, it was time for the Judges to deliver their judgment and also choose from amongst the packs, the best of them all.

“You must be prepared in any competition you take part in even as we will try our best to be as fair as possible.” said DJ Midas.
The only female judge, DJ Queenpin said “DJ is all about attitude and it is all about hip hop”, hence attitude as one of the criteria for judging the contestant.

At the end of the competition, DJ Humility hailed the DJ’s commending that they all did a great job because DJ competition is not a child’s play. He also said “My first DJ competition was in 1995, then, I was still in secondary school”. He however did not hide his feelings when he told the DJ’S that the use of Laptop in turning the wheel is very unprofessional.

After advising them and explaining all criteria for judging their splendid displays, the judges unanimously chose DJ Bethuel from Port Harcourt as the winner as he emerged the DJ with the best mix of songs that blended with the Malta Guinness new TVC team song. Second placed winner was DJ Skyz from Jos, DJ Eska also from Jos came third behind his fellow compatriot from the same state, while DJ A2 from Benin and DJ Grand Pa from Lagos came forth and fifth respectively.


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