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Guber aspirant unfolds four-point agenda

An Action Congress gubernatorial aspirant in Ogun State for the 2011 election, Engr. Abdulfalil Abayomi Odunowo-Elegbede, a.k.a Yomicash, has unfolded a four-point agenda, if voted into power.

Yomicash who was addressing party supporters at an “Elders Forum” recently in Abeokuta, listed health- care, education, agriculture and infrastructure as his priority.

He said with the progress the world has made, these areas are far gone that most countries are not even taking about them and when they do they are dwelling on improvements and ease. Yet in our country they remain a big issue.

On agriculture, Elegbede said the country should be able to boast of an agricultural industry that feeds our people comfortably and conveniently with surplus to go round the world.

“We need to identify what our main stay is agriculturally and be able to nurture it for export purposes. Agriculture is what sustains some of the biggest economies in the world today. Why should our people then be without food or our state without an agricultural main stay,”  Elegbede asked.

On education, Elegbede said the country should be able to offer our students an uncompromised quality education that ranks with the acceptable standards in the world and be able to offer it within the stipulated timing any average student should spend in an institution.

Said Elegbede: “Together, we must salvage the decaying situation in our institutions, save generations yet unborn and restore hope to those who are languishing at home”.

On health care, Elegbede said where there is no health, there is no wealth and that a healthy society is the backbone of a successful nation.

“Today we live in a society where a selected few can afford to fly themselves out of the country for medical care while the majority die of simple ailments that can not even be diagnosed.

“Many whose ailments can be diagnosed have no means of paying for their health care. The sick continue to take care of the sick. We continually hear people dying of ‘brief illness’ when indeed there is no ailment with such name,” Elegbede said.

Finally, on infrastructure Elegbede said we can not begin to talk about finding a position for ourselves in a developed society if we have not set the necessary infrastructure on the ground.

He listed good roads, drinkable pipe-borne water, electricity etc as his priority.

“More emphasis is being placed on thermal energy if we can’t get electricity, we should together, be able to provide the other source which is solar energy perhaps thermal energy. Until the time these things are put in their appropriate place we cannot even begin to talk about a lasting democracy,” Elegbede concluded.


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