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Banks consolidate market share with Customers Care Centres

By Babajide Komolafe
Banks have stepped up efforts to maintain cus


tomer patronage through Customer Care Center  aimed at ensuring customer satisfaction.
In the last two weeks, a number of banks, in quick succession, launched their customer care centres in Lagos to maintain a grip on their customers.

Industry analysts said the  development is good for the  banking public as there are avenues for customers to register their complaints and  opinions to their bankers when they have issues to resolve.

To the banks, the customer care centres provide heightened  business opportunities by enabling a whole new realm of  interaction channels above and beyond traditional telephone  calls and face-to-face interactions.

Because of increased  pressure, today’s customers are demanding the freedom and  flexibility to contact and interact with businesses using  the communications medium of their choice.

The result is a business environment that is no longer constrained by the  traditional call centre; instead, businesses can interact  with their customers where and how they desire via a  customer interaction network.

Having discovered the inherent benefits of maintaining  constant touch with their customers, banks are now in a race  to outwit each other by deploying several multi-channel  platforms for competitive advantage.

Last week, Skye Bank Plc launched a public-friendly customer care centre to serve as a one-stop point for all service matters that are capable of creating a  delightful customer experience.

The innovation, known as  Yes Centre, was designed to enhance customer satisfaction  and experience.  It has a full complement of professional customer service  officers as well as the necessary infrastructure to serve  the customer without him or her going to the banking hall.

The centre will resolve complaints and carry out  instructions on behalf of customers who are not physically  present in the banking hall, among others.

Speaking at the formal launching ceremony of the centre in Lagos on Wednesday, the bank’s Group Managing Director/Chief  Executive Officer, Mr. Akinsola Akinfemiwa, said the bank  was extending the frontiers of creativity in service  delivery and customer service.

He described the centre as an integrated multi-channel  customer interactive system designed to bring convenience,  comfort and ease to the customer in his day-to-day  transaction and relationship with the bank.

According to him, the centre would provide support for the customer, enhance customer service, relationship management as well as make the bank much more accessible.

The bank boss noted that the invention would add value to the customer, employees as well as meet the needs of all parties in a  transaction.
Another bank that has gone into such a relationship with  its customers is Access Bank Plc which also has a  state-of-the-art customer care centre with dedicated staff  assigned to attend to and solve the problems of   customers.

The bank said the investment in the centre  was done to accord the customers their rightful place.  A senior official of the bank said customer care has never been more important to an organisation’s success and profitability than it is today.

Creating unique  customer-centric experiences is crucial to enhancing  customer loyalty and retention, making organisation’s investment in customer service a proven path to greater  revenue and profitability.

To achieve these goals,  organisations are beginning to realize that they must  personalise each customer’s experience based on their specific needs and preferences.

“When a business fails to improve its performance, costs rise, making the business less competitive than its industry peers. Additionally, employees often experience frustration due to their inability to keep up with the increasing  demands of workloads and to collaborate effectively with others as needed”, the official said.

At the moment, UBA Plc has started a campaign to notify its customers about the existence of a customer care centre with dedicated lines that could be called for help, enquiries, among others.

Specifically, the bank is playing up the  fact that it is a listening bank that acts based on the needs of the customers.
The campaign, insiders say, is a reminder to those customers who may be unaware that the centre has long been in existence and is at their disposal whenever they have  cause to talk to the bank.


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