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What God says

By Ikeddy Isiguzo
MALLAM Sani Lulu, NFF Presdident should be fasting, according to the dictates of his belief. People fasting are considered to be at a high level of purity  their utterances are taken serious. When therefore Mallam Lulu invoked God on his ambition to continue in office, I was frightened f


or him.

“God used Nigerians to make me President of NFF,” he said Monday in Lagos. “If Nigerians say they don’t believe in me, there is nothing one can do about it. If Nigerians say they still believe in me and want me to continue, nobody can do otherwise”.

At the risk of sounding as if I had a conversation with the Almighty, I would state that a cabal that wants to maintain its stranglehold on Nigerian football made Mallam Lulu NFF President. He may call them Nigerians, but they do not represent the same Nigerians who believe Nigeria should be at the 2010 World Cup. This cabal is merely interested in occupying offices, which it uses as checkpoints to feed fat on resources around sports. Whether we go to the World Cup or not does not matter to this group, as its holdings are intact.

These Nigerians want Mallam Lulu back and he believes “nobody can do otherwise” because the cabal always gets what it wants.
Mallam Lulu sounded as insulting as ever by telling Nigerians he was running for another term and that “nobody can do otherwise”, in other words, nobody can stop him.

If he had a covenant with God, it could not have included degrading Nigerian football he did. Nigerians do not want Mallam Lulu anywhere near the game, except as a spectator, with all the rights and privileges of that position. God shares the position of Nigerians that someone who does not appreciate the weight of his office, someone in search of a fanciful addition to his CV, someone who remains clueless about the enormity of the decay in Nigerian football, someone who has nothing to offer except his ambition for another term, is a danger to Nigerian football.

Since 1993, when the new waves of elections began in the then NFA, no President has served two terms, no matter how well he did, no matter how badly he performed. There is no basis then for Mallam Lulu’s ambition. In 1994, Air Commodore Samson Emeka Omeruah was in charge when Nigeria won its second Nations Cup title, performed creditably well at the World Cup and won the 1996 gold at the Atlanta Olympics.

Few weeks after Atlanta’96, Omeruah was not even nominated for re-election. Col Abdulmumuni Aminu succeeded him and served one term also, though Nigeria qualified for the 1998 World Cup, fielded two teams at the 2000 Olympics during this tenure. Brigadier Dominic Oneya too did one term, not minding the qualification for the 2002 World Cup and a Nations Cup bronze.

The exit of Alhaji Ibrahim Galadima from NFF was the most orchestrated. After Nigeria lost the World Cup ticket in Kano to Angola, stakeholders emerged and scuttled his second plans. His replacement was Mallam Lulu, the one who got his mandate from God.
A colleague asked me if I was afraid of Mallam Lulu. I told him I was. I am afraid of anyone, who does not fear God and can lean on God’s name to justify actions that sear the hearts of our football fans.

God loves Nigerians too much to permit this imposed backwardness to continue. If Mallam Lulu listens well (not to other parasites around our football), he would hear God clearly telling him to avoid Nigerian football even in the distant future.

I Swear, Junior’s Just 15!
I WAS under the impression there was someone responsible at NFF for processes that led to the invitation of the young players to our national team, which FIFA’s MRI found over-aged. When I suggested someone job’s was on the line, I was also wrong.

NFF is a bundle of the wrong surprises. After denying failed age tests, after sending the players away and scrambling to get a team for a competition Nigeria is hosting only 36 days away, NFF is moving to the next level of absurdity.

Parents of players  many of these folks do not know their wards, some of whom have given them grand children, are junior national assets  would be made to swear to oaths to authenticate the ages of the players Nigerian would field. This exercise is planned for next week.

I hear NFF would be thorough, interview parents, verify birth certificates, scan education history of kids and thereafter present them to defy FIFA’s MRI test.

Do you wonder why NFF is doing this? It wants to hold parents responsible if Junior fails the MRI. Among documents NFF would present to Nigerians to exonerate itself would be the oath Junior’s dad solemnly swore,

“That Junior is only 15 years old, do not listen to rumours that his youngest child is five years old, and that he completed his NYSC two years ago. Junior has always been a genius”.  So help us God.Please email your complaints, condemnations, commendations to


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