By Remmy Diagbare
IT is a known fact that there is an  increase in cardiovascular diseases, and cancer especially amongst our women folks. The reason is not far fetched –our lifestyles have changed, from the once healthy way to one steeped in unhealthy choices. Take for example our sedentary way of doing things. Once upon a time, we walked long distances to and from school.

At school, we had p

Bracket... yori-yori
Bracket... yori-yori

hysical education – PE as a compulsory subject. Today, most schools do not offer physical education, while computer science is now the compulsory subject. What does this mean? Rather than be active and sweat off toxins, students are encouraged to be inactive

Roll over to parents; we are the worst culprits; from air conditioned office to the car, then the home. At home there is always some one on hand to send on errands; the remote control for the TV, radio and air condition. Some people are so spoilt for choice that the only activity they indulge in, is putting food in their mouth.

This is where Nigerians have erred the most. We have unfortunately mistaken unhealthy eating habit to modernity. Pray what is so hip about eating shawarma, or, pizza made with white flour.

Top on the list of poisons we ingest is the ice cream. We have left behind the good old days of healthy eating, when rice was a Sunday affair and bread a novelty. The result of this lifestyle is clear for all to see-obesity, overweight (90% of Nigeria women are overweight.) Increase in diseases and early on set of menopause.

Unless something is done and quickly too, the health implications in another ten years will be phenomenal. Nigeria does not have the health care facilities to cope with such upsurge.

This is why the Allure team, decided to intervene. We teemed up with like- minded professionals and came up with WOW Exposé…- Women on Wellness Seminar aimed at sensitizing women  to the danger that lurks ahead.

But you may, like some have asked, why women? Who else can effect change, if not  the woman. Women are the ones who run the, nucleus of society, which is the family. They make the choices and we feel that having the right information will enable them make the right choices. To be warned is to be forearmed, or so, the saying goes. We are offering a public service and I hope you will buy into it.

If you have not bought your ticket by now, I suggest you go and buy one right away. At ten thousand naira, you will be getting so much more than the   price tag.

Apart from a sumptuous buffet, you will be given goodie bag, a conference folder. There will also  be  opportunity for networking.
In addition, there will be fashion show by Vlisco, JD7 and musical entertainment by Olumide and  Bracket-remember them- yori-yori
I look forward to seeing you there; Expo Center Eko Hotel, Saturday 12th, September.

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