By Jemi Ekunkunbor
Outgoing and fun is the way to describe  Oghenenyore Ogodogun popularly known as Nyore. Although not so known, she’s been doing music professionally for over 8years. She has worked with great acts like Wande Cole, Nigga Raw, Kel, Illbliss etc. The environmental engineering student of the university of Benin is currently working on her.


Quite articulate, Nyore has chosen a genre of music that many of her peers won’t tocuh-reggae!Tonight when the Girl Power music concert kicks off at Onikan Stadium, Nyore will show to the world what she s capable of doing. In this interview she talks about her work, why she is doing reggae and her sense of style.

Man musicians your age are into R&B and rap why reggae?
It is true that everybody is into R&B, Hip Hop. Nobody is doing reggae and that is precisely why I went into it. At first, I got into dance hall because I wanted to make a difference, gradually the spirituality of the whole thing started sinking in. You have to be deep to do reggae dance hall. Your lyrics is different from rap and R&B. You need to sit and listen again before you understand.

Are you saying you are deep and spiritual?
I’m very deep and spiritual. Every thing to me is not the way you see it.
Do you have something in the market at the moment?

No but I have a couple of singles. I just shot my video now, Rodeo. It will be hitting the air waves any moment soon.
The work you have done what is the acceptance like?

Acceptance has been very cool especially the collaboration I’ve done with a lot of artists. When people listen and they are like is she Nigerian? You just want to go out ans get it. It’s been wonderful and I’ve been getting a lot of support from Sound Sultam , Plantation boys etc.

What is music for you?
Music is something that I’m passionate about. It’s something I can’t do without especially my genre of music. When I’m depressed, it’s the only kind of music that can resuscitate me. Although the money has to come but music for me is about passion.
But this is very different from environmental engineering?

Well, everything in life is about hard work and you put your mind to it which is what this girl power is about letting women know you can be anything you want to be. And whatever it is you want to do, if you put your mind to it you can do it. I got admission to read medicine in OAU and university of Ilorin twice but I knew I couldn’t do medicine because I’ve been too involved in music. I decided that this is what I wanted to do. I can be in school and out to do my music.

What is your sense of style, do you do all the reggae thing?
I believe in the female appreciating her sexiness. You don’t have to bare everything. You can be very decently dressed with some sexual aura. Whether you like it or not, being sexy sells the female before they listen to your music and appreciate it. So, in other to draw attention to my kind of music, you need to give them extra value for their money which is what I am doing.
What do you like to wear?

I love baring my legs. I love jeans, shots and shot dresses-anything that makes me comfortable and sexy. Spirituality means you need to connect. I’m connecting with my inner soul.

Is baring you legs and body being spiritual?
Yes, I believe in being free that is why Rastas prefer the beach because it keeps you in limbo and makes you feel there is no care or worry in the world. I don’t have to go to the beach to feel that. I can feel free and do whatever it is I want to do because I am a proud woman who does dance hall music.

What is your dream?

My dream which is about
to be achieved any moment from now is to be an international artist (pronounced oltanational artist) that is how we say it in patua. I speak three variety of Patua. My dream is to be a force to be reckoned with when feminism is being mentioned in Nigeria. There are a lot of females, up coming artist who don’t know how to start. In any way I can, I need to reach to these people to help them start.
When it comes to style what accessories do you like?

I love accessories as you can see. I believe it complimennts you. You don’t need to talk too much. Your accessory is the swagger you need. I love bangles, I love wristwatches. I’m really happening in the wristwatch department. I love ear rings and bling on the neck. I love girlie things, headband, hair pins etc anything that makes me beautiful even if you bought it at Yaba. You feel important and beautiful.
What trend do you like?

I like shoes that tend towards the gladiator way. Whatever I do, I put my music into consideration. I don’t believe in baring the breast and baring the legs. I believe in either baring the legs or baring the cleavage not the two. Give everybody a little something to look up to. You don’t have to be all brash and colourful. Everything in fashion right now works for me.
Is there a trend that you don’t like?

I can’t remember anyone for now.
Is there one musician who serves as a role model for you?
It has to be Evi Edna Ogoli and she is Urhobo just like me. I’m actually doing a re-mix of one of her songs. I also love Mrs Okonjo Iweala. She has been able to break through barriers which is what I am trying to do too.

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