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The accident that almost was

By Mike Ebonugwo
It was a near fatal accident. In fact, if the trailer driver had not applied his brake on time, it would have been a different story entirely, and indeed a tragic one. And maybe all the police men in that patrol vehicle would have lost their lives. The incident occurred around Sanya along the Oshodi-Apapa Expressway.

It was around 2pm, a time traffic was flowing quite freely on that section of the road.. Soon a Police patrol vehicle sped past, obviously in pursuit of an erring motorist which turned out to be a commercial bus. Soon it succeeded in catching up with the bus which had stopped at a bus-stop along the expressway and stopped right behind it. But in doing that, the police men paid scant attention to the traffic coming behind.

So, the driver of the  trailer which was coming right behind suddenly had to battle to avoid ramming into them since the distance was quite close. In fact, he barely succeeded in avoiding what was beginning to look like a sure ghastly accident.

In fact, the loud exclamations of alarm by other motorists and passers-by aptly told the story.

However, the near death experience forced the police men to abort their original mission of arresting the bus driver and instead went after the driver of the trailer which did not stop after the close shave with the patrol vehicle.

They soon caught up with it at a traffic snarl close to the Mile Two bridge. The action of the police men, however, did not go down well with some passengers in a commercial bus heading for the Wharf.

One of them who gave his name as Wilson had asked heatedly: “What has the trailer driver done now that those police men are stopping him? Is it his fault that the accident almost happened? It was even the police men that are at fault because they wrongly overtook the trailer and stopped right in front of it because they wanted to arrest that danfo bus”.

Another passenger, by name Chinedu, took it up from there. “Don’t mind them. In fact, they should have even thanked the trailer driver because if the man did not apply break on time, their own would have been finished by now. And if you look at it, there was really no good reason for them to have stopped like that even if the danfo driver did something wrong.

I’m sure they were thinking of the money they will collect from the driver and his conductor; that is why they didn’t even bother to look back”.

But a passenger who identified himself as Lawani did not think so. According to him: “They were pursuing the danfo because it stopped on the express instead of the service lane to pick passengers. They have been telling these danfo drivers not to stop on the express to pick passengers but many of them will not listen”.

Chinedu, however, sharply disagreed, saying: “It’s not true. Nobody sent them that message. Anytime you see these police patrol vehicles on the road harassing danfo drivers, they are just doing their own runs which is to extort money from these drivers after arresting them.

In fact, I can tell you that everything is business. By the time they arrest three or four danfo buses, they will make enough money to start feeling like big men throughout that week. So, I don’t agree with you that they were doing their job because that is not true”.

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