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Nigerians doubt workability of amnesty —NOI/Gallup poll

Many Nigerians do not believe that the amnesty offer of the Federal Government to the Niger Delta militants will stop the unrest in that region, the NOI/Gallup poll has revealed.

The NOI/Gallup Polls in its latest survey discovered that although 78 percent of Nigerians polled are aware of the amnesty offered by the government to the Niger Delta militants, only 35 percent believe that amnesty is an effective solution to the unrest in the region.

The ongoing violence in the Niger Delta is estimated to have reduced Nigeria’s daily oil output by up to a third, resulting in reduced income from oil exports and revenue losses for the country.

In a bid to find a lasting solution to the crisis in the region, President Umaru  Yar’Adua, on  June 25, 2009, announced an offer of amnesty for militants operating in the region.

In the latest snap poll, respondents were asked if they were aware of the government offer of amnesty to militants in the Niger Delta, if they thought that amnesty was an effective solution to the crises in the region and if not, to offer suggestions of other policies which the government could adopt in the region.

While 42 percent of those polled don’t know what the solution to the problem is, of the remaining 58 percent of those who made suggestions regarding what more the government could do to solve the crisis, the most popular solution (proffered by 23 percent) is the provision of more jobs.

Other suggestions include offering a larger share of the oil revenue (15 percent) and providing improved infrastructure (8 percent).

Respondents to the snap poll were randomly selected from a database of phone-owning Nigerians. Diverse people took part in the telephone interviews over a four day period. 68 percent of respondents were male, while 32 percent were female.

NOI/Gallup Polls USA adopts scientifically robust techniques in conducting opinion surveys. The snap polls are valid within a statistical margin of error, also known as a 95 percent confidence interval.


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