By Richard Animam

Few weeks back the National Sports Commission concessioned golf to Consolidated Management Consultants Limited. Today, we unveil those who would reshape golf in the country.

•Otunbo Olusola Adekanola, Chairman CMCL Tours

This versatile golfer is the brain and brawn behind perhaps the most influential golf outfit in the country. A fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN), Otunbo, as he is fondly called, has without argument turned around the fortune of golf in Nigeria. A reputable golfer, he has successfully bankrolled over 30 golf tournaments both in the amateur and professional categories. He pioneered the Winner Takes All series which was to bring out the best in Nigerian professional golfers. He also initiated and sponsored the West African Friendly Golf Tournament in which about six West African countries competed for honours. Countries like Cote D’lvoire, Ghana, Togo, Benin Republic and Burkina Faso have one time or the other participated in the tournament. He also initiated an annual qualifier amongst young budding golfers to pick the promising ones who are then sent to South Africa far a one year training where their skills are sharpened for the challenges of the professional tour. He is widely acknowledged as the number one sponsor of golf in Nigeria. Though Adekanola will not be visible in the running of the new look Nigeria Golf Federation (NGF), (There is no doubt that he would be the silent backer and mover of the federation, like he had done with CMCL Golf, over the years.

•Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola, President NGF

A playmate of Otunba Adekanoh, he is widely tipped to be the chairman of the NGF. His passion for the game is second to none and believe it or not, he plays great golf. Severally, the Osun State governor has defiled rigid protocol and busy schedule to steal a quick round of golf. Often times he would leave his official entourage and associates behind to play early morning golf, sometimes stranded and confused. And that is the reason the amiable governor has aIways kept his favourite golf set and dress tucked away in one of his official vehicles. A category one player, he has also bankrolled top tournaments that have kept coming back every year and has played virtually in every course in the land, from the South South’s Port Horcourt Golf course to the brown course of llorin Golf Club and the near desert course of Kaduna Golf Club located far north. There is no doubt that NGF would benefit immensely from his resourcefulness, contact ond enthusiasm to move the federation forward.

•Luqman Owolewa, Board Member

Owolewo is the face of CMCL, whichever way you want to look at it. With a Bachelors degree in Law from the University of London and a Master’s degree in Public Administration, he has acquired vast experience in golf administration and events management spanning over 10 years. He has anchored and successfully organized and coordinated a record of well over thirty golf tournaments.

Presently the CEO of CMCL Golf Tours Limited, his inclusion in the board of NGF would be of immense benefit for youth development projects, a notion he believes in and has practiced effectively for over one decade considering the fact that CMCL sponsored the best set of amateur players to South Africa for trainings and they are the best leading the country in the professional rank today.

He is also not new to the media core, as he liaises among the game’s professionals, amateurs, administrators and the media during CMCL backed tournaments. And they are quite many. He has also served as member of the Competition Committee NGF, and would have a lot to contribute to the new face of NGF.

Austin Ojomo, member

The name Austin Esoso Ojomo is synonymous with amateur golf. He has won so many trophies that he would have forgotten and constantly on the podium, at the Ikoyi Club 1938 (Golf Section) his favourite course. A   close   associate   of   CMCL   chairman,   Otunba Olusola Adekanola, he has worked closely with the golf outfit for some time now and his expertise has added value to the events of the Tours.

•Alhaji Ibrahim Little, proposed member

Given   his   immense   stature   in   the   northern   golf community, there is much that personality would do to forge the new image of the emerging NGF deeper into the copiousness of the golfers there. Even if much of him is not yet  known to most golfers of southern origin the new platform of serving in the NGF would  help the larger golfers to feel the passion for the game that has driven him all these years to supporting the games development and unrelenting philanthropy that is solely borne by him.

•Moses Anabui, member

Perhaps the NGF would not have been complete without the injection of the administrative skills he has distinguished himself with as the first Nigerian to manage the IBB International Golf and Country Club. Apart from that, Anabui is a class golfer, a seasoned onelhaf has a huge collection of enviable laurels from both international and local appearances which in turn has exposed him enough to add to the management skills

•Rev. Sola Williams

Honourable Sola Williams has been in sports virtually all her life. Presently the Commissioner ountfor Youth Development in Delta State, she is also the lady captain of the Ibori Golf and Country in Asaba. The double digit handicapper is also the chairperson for Female Boxing in Nigeria, so it is obvious that she is coming to the board with alot of experience.

•Halima Wado, member

There are few ladies that the NGF team has shortlisted and Hahma Wado relevance on the board too is definitely’far beyond her quota value for the team. From Plateau state may be coming one respected lady captain that has ran the lady section of the IBB Golf and Country Club and her active golf years poses a plus for the team when they finally settles down fo rewrite what NGF should be doing to re-focus Nigeria golf especially from the female golf perspective.

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