Miss Temitayo Talabi,2, was abducted by  unknown gunmen while with her grandparents,Mr and Mrs Henry Omamogho at 9pm(24-5-09), 130, Bamgbose Street, Lagos Island.

Little Temitayo has been living with her parent (Lanre and late Roli Talabi) in the same house with her grandparents.

According to information gathered, late Roli was staying in her parents’ house due to some financial constraints on the part of her husband which was also the reason why Lanre was also accomodated in the same house.

Lanre and his late wife, Roli were staying in the place since their marriage.

And until the death of Mrs. Roli Talabi, she was hard working and enterprising despite her state of health while her husband was a travel agent who specailises on helping people to purchase visa.

But immediately after which Roli died, Lanre was not ready to spend another hour in his in-laws’ house rather, he was anxious to leave the place to God knows where.

And according to the information disclosed by one of late Roli’s brothers, Mr. Paul Omamogho, Lanre has been threatening to use forceful means of collecting his daughter from his in-laws.

However, Paul said that, the issue of who would cater for the child has been resolved and settled  between Lanre and his in-laws and he (Lanre) has accepted to allow the baby stay with her grandparent pending the period she would grow up.

But, his actions changed contrary to what he used to be and this was revealed during late Roli’s burial arrangement.

It was disclosed that, while the burial arragngement for late Roli (his wife) was on in his in-laws’ house, Lanre was busy looking for documents and files including traveling documents that have been jointly kept by him and his wife.

And on the same day, according to Paul, Lanre has also threatened  to take his back his child by all means.

Speaking with Lanre’s father, Mr. Motayo Talabi who lives at  No1, Ramlat Timpson Street, Aguda,  Lagos told Saturday Vanguard that  his son came to his house on Monday, May 25, 2009, and told him that he (Lanre) had gone to take his daughter in his in-laws’ house which was immediately after the girl was  kidnaped on May 24, 2009.

This however, suggested that Temitayo’s father, Mr. Lanre Talabi might be responsible for Temitayo’s abduction.

Mr. Talabi who owns a beer parlour told Saturday Vanguard that, there had never been good relationship between him and his son, Lanre because  he was not aware of the marriage  between Lanre and his late wife, Roli, who was the only daughter of  Mr and Mrs Omamogho.

“You see my son is not honest and trustworthy, he did not tell me that he was getting married to Roli or that the girl was a sickle cell patient. I was not aware of any court wedding .

“The only thing I knew was that, he introduced the lady to me as his girlfriend from Delta State. Later I was informed that they traveled out of the country, and that, they were back in Nigeria.

“I wasn’t informed of his wife’s pregnancy either”, “I wasn’t aware of his engagement with Roli and he never told me that he has been  staying with his in-laws since they got married. I believed he has made the mistake of his life by not following due process and by staying in his in-laws house. What he did was a shameful and taboo to my tribe and family,” he noted.

Giving his own account of the incidence, Roli’s elder brother, Paul Omamogho, said that Lanre must have  manipulated his late sister, Roli to the detriment of her family.

“The first time my late sister introduced him to the family he was still planning to get a job while merely  surviving on visa business.

“But after their  marriage, they were living with us in my father’s house here..Even Lanre  told us  he was trying to secure accommodation but he didn’t pack out of my father’s house until Roli died. He even  collected money from all of us on the pretext of traveling abroad”
He noted that Lanre showed desperation in getting hooked to Roli even when he knew she had a sicke cell anemia.and I were not in good terms ever since.

“Lanre was very desperate to the point that he threatened the life ofRoli former boyfriend who was a medical doctor.  I got to know this, the day I ran into Wole, whom she had introduced to us as her fiance, Paul said.
Wole told me how Lanre called him and threatened to kill him if  refused to hands of from the affair with Roli.”

Meanwhile, Roli’s mother, Mrs  Felicia Omamogho earlier confirmed that her daughter had been in a relationship with Wole before Talabi came into the scene, and inspite of Roli’s condition, Wole was making frantic effort to consolidate the relationship.We were surprised when she brought Lanre.”

“All efforts to let her know it was a wrong decision proved abortive. I tried my best as a mother to let her see reasons why such decision might be wrong, but she objected. She told me, how they’ve reached conclusions  to marry and travel to Europe.

Paul who was visibly bitter about the whole situation said,  “I believe the guy was nothing but a gold digger. He dumped my sister after he might have collected all her money to process his traveling document.”

On how their marriage was consumated, Paul said,  “At first, they were not legally married because the only thing that Lanre did was to come to the house with some of his families especially his father’s brother whom he introduced to us as his father, and because of the health of my sister, my parents never objected to it.

Even when he was told to carry out the marriage rites,  he never did till date.  Nothing was done except an in-house introduction and then court marriage which took place at Ikoyi Registry without the consent of his parents, “ Paul yelled.

Narrating the complications that led to the sudden death of his sister, Paul said “The medical doctor who administered her on the first pregnancy  told Lanre that they should avoid any pregnancy for a certain period of time after a caesarean section that gave birt to Temitayo where she almost lost her life.  It was my family that paid the bills and took care of her over there, Lanre has never cared for Roli,” Paul said.

“Even when they traveled abroad, the stayed my auntie there accomodated them and did everything for them just to make him and my sister happy.”
“So, they came back to Nigeria after a while and unfortunately,  she was deceived by her husband and she had another pregnancy which she hid for seven months.

“It was after much pressure from my family members especially my mum that she told  us she was pregnant”.
“While in the United Kingdom, Lanre extorted money from us through my sister. She was always requesting for money for her husband and we always give.”
“ After sometimes, my sister called that she wanted  to return to Nigeria,but that her husband was going to stay back to work which her husband also confirmed and that I should raise  some money for her ticket back to Nigeria, so I did and she came back with the baby.”

“Two months later, she started troubling my parents that she wanted her husband to come back home and that she needed some money to get ticket for her husband.”
“At first, nobody responded until, she started making some unusual moves, threatening to pack out of the house.”

“It was when Roli took in for  the second pregnancy that one of my Aunities, who accomodated them in England paid us visit in Nigeria, and saw her with the pregnancy, she shouted at her and asked her why she decided to ruin her life. But she replied that her  husband was responsible.”

“Unfortunately, after a week, she died with the pregnancy on Wednesday, May 13, 2009. “

“While, we were trying to secure a burial ground for the corpse, Lanre refused to release the death certificate because there were some contending issues which we  argured on.

The Ikoyi Cemetery which was the choice of Omamoghos as Christians was notthe choice of Lanre. His choice was Okesuna Cemetery which is the exclusive preserve of Moslems.

Continuing   Paul said ,“When a woman died in our place, the corpse is returned to the woman’s house, which makes her family to be in possession of the corpse and which we had explained to the family, but Lanre objected.”
“At first he wanted to bury my sister with the foetus which we objected.

Later he accepted that thse foetus be removed at the Isolo General Hospital, Lagos and her body was later brought to the Unity Hospital at Ikoyi and she was later embalmed due to delay in the burial arrangement.

“On Sunday, May 24, 2009, exactly a week after my sister was buried. At about 9 p.m, some gunmen invaded our house with axe, cutlasses and other dangerous weapons.

They made their way through an uncompleted building beside our house and forcefully broke into my mother’s room abducted baby Temitayo amidst screaming, and my mum was battered to a coma.”

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