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STYLE DAMAGE [1]Pick-‘n’-Drop

By Angela Olu- Ajetunmmobi
I am forced to write about this innocent-looking hairstyle called ‘pick-‘n’-drop’, because I have finally confirmed what I thought all along: it and any other hairstyle that just leaves your hair hanging, is GUARANTEED to break your hair! It must, it can and it will break your hair, no doubt about it.

Pick and Drop
Pick and Drop

I know the style looks good and is faster to ‘install’, at least compared to the normal braids we know about. However, what is the point of wearing a ‘fine’ style for 4 weeks and then you spend the next 3 months regretting and trying to restore what length you lost?

I have just convinced another client [for the umpteenth time, I might add] with 14” long hair not to attempt this style, even as she herself admits that she has indeed worn it before, and her hair lost half its length. The braider had told her that it would be very fast, taking half the time that normal length braids would take. Of course, the braider is right about the time factor but let us take a minute or two to reflect on what happens when you do this pick-‘n’-drop.

Pick-‘n’-drop is done like braids; each braid is matted/plaited for only about 1cm or less. The idea is to achieve the effect of a weave-on when the style is finished. But the danger arises where the hair is longer than 1cm. This is why I am convinced that this style was developed for newly-growing hair. Let me explain.

You know when you cut off all your hair to start afresh, the hair grows to a certain length and then you need to commence braiding to quicken the rate of growth. Normally, braiding is ideal to start because the hair is so short, you may experience pain when the braider tries to get a grip on the hair. Then we advise you to move to weaving when the hair is a little longer, and this helps to give you options with varying your look. Remember at this stage, you are hoping to look different from your low-cut look you had been sporting for a while!

During this initial braiding stage, pick-‘n’-drop is ideal. You do not have to sit through the whole length of extension been braided; the braider only braids a bit because your hair is very short anyway and leaves the extension hanging. If you use good extensions like human hair for instance, you could do even more. You could set with rollers for a wavy effect; you could use hot irons to achieve a flatter look. It can be very versatile and sexy!

BUT, beware of this style if your hair is longer than 1cm. Firstly, the braider normally ties a knot [or 3 for that matter!] immediately where the braid ends. From my experience with this style when you want to remove the ‘braids’, you will CURSE the braider for tying that knot. Then after the knot, the entire length of your hair will be left hanging with the attachment used. What your hair is expected to be doing for the four weeks or so that you will be carrying the style, is what I am yet to understand.

But every morning and at any other time of the day you feel like, you BRUSH the length of the hair to make sure it blends with the attachment; and I am talking about strong, vigorous and vein-revealing strokes of the brush. You look at the brush, you see your hair but you think of the moment: this ‘guy has got to be blown’ even if it kills you; you postpone any thoughts of your breaking hair, at least for now!

By the time you come out of these braids, I guarantee that your hair would have halved in length. Please, I would want any lady who experiences anything contrary to let me know. What this means is that if your hair was 4” long, I guarantee that it will never be that 4” again when you finish removing the braids. If you are lucky, you will be left with different lengths all over your head, [yes!] including some bald patches, with your longest hair on any part of your head being about 2” long.

So BEWARE! We all know about styling damage. This is when certain hairstyles have disastrous effects for the hair. Most women may not openly admit the damage they have suffered from wearing a particular style, but they know that the quality of their hair has never been the same since they did that hairstyle. No doubt, life is short so we should all learn to live a little? The important thing is for you to know though. You do not have to NOT wear a certain style that really suits you only because it could break your hair.

After all are there not more pressing problems in the world?
The thing is that when it does break your hair [as this will definitely do!], you will be able to identify what is happening and start treating the hair immediately.
Thanks for reading and do make it a great week!


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