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Insurance companies fared well compared to other sectors – Adeduro

2016 was the most difficult year for the country. Though, we all understood what happened. A situation where by the oil price crashed by more than 50 percent; a situation where there was bomb blast everywhere; we were nearly in war, you have a situation where restiveness was on the high side in the Niger Delta region to the extent that we were producing less than 50 percent of our capacity in terms of quantity of oil per barrel.

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Our entrepreneurs must be saved now before it’s late — Ugwu-Oju

FOUNDER of Nigerian Entrepreneurs Summit and Honours, NESH, Mr. Emeka Ugwu-Oju in this interview says that entrepreneurs must be saved in Nigeria through the timely implementation of the I6-point agenda of the PANDEF. He also explained how he is using his background in economics and banking to support the creation of new entrepreneurs and at the same time encouraging established ones.

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Upcoming announcements by banks will indicate recapitalisation – Chioke

I think the factors on ground in the banking sector will be that if you look at where exchange rate is we are officially at N305/USD and parallel market is at N490/USD. And quite a number of banks have Dollar denominated risk assets on their balance sheet. The more we move towards a free floating of the Naira or devaluing of the Naira, the more it drags down their capital adequacy ratio.

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