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•Prof. Femi Ajibola

‘FG must be willing to support smallholder farmers’

I am quite happy with the outcome of events. In terms of technical content, I think it was successful. The different units and organisations that made presentations at the conference demonstrated a clear understanding of the different sectors of agriculture. They also proposed adopted and tested solutions to challenges in agriculture in the country. I am really impressed with the presentations made at the conference, particularly the way the Minister of Agriculture, Chief Audu Ogbeh, tackled the issues in the agricultural sector. I am quite convinced that the minister has a good idea of the direction the agricultural sector in Nigeria is headed.

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HUAWEI: Splendid achievement

HUAWEI Technologies, the leading provider of next generation telecommunications solutions, has been conducting business in Nigeria for 16 years. Since entering the market, the company has helped to improve Nigeria’s ICT infrastructure which plays an important role in GDP growth and job creation. Frank Li is the Managing Director of Huawei Nigeria.

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Our case against Buhari, Jonathan, Yar’Adua, Obasanjo, by SERAP

Mr Adetokunbo Mumuni, is a long standing legal practitioner, notary public and an executive director of Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project, SERAP. In this encounter, he sheds more light on the recent court judgment in favor of his group against the federal government. He concludes that all Nigerians must rise to the occasion and save the country from imminent collapse due to corruption and impunity. He also speaks on some other national issues.

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‘5,000 discarded plastic bottles I collected from gutter paved my way to success’ – Eluagu

Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention. Mr. Nzubechukwu William Eluagu, a visual artist and graduate of Fine Art (Sculpture) from the Yaba College of Technology, took waste recycling to another level with his final year project; an audacious 13.6 feet sculpture entitled, Your Destiny Is In Your Hands, made mostly from waste materials.

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Ibrahim Mantu

PDP woes: Blame Obasanjo – Mantu

In this interview, a former Deputy President of the Senate and a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, Senate Ibrahim Mantu, says the PDP lost the 2015 presidential election because it allowed impunity to grow within its ranks. Blaming former President Olusegun Obasanjo for starting the impunity in the former ruling party, Mantu also speaks on the anti corruption war of the APC- led government and the chances of the PDP in 2019. Excerpts.

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Why FG must address epileptic power supply – Okoya

‘’Nigerians are very hard working people. If we are given an enabling environment we can do more and even better. Nigeria’s industry is faced with a lot of constraints which I believe if government can help tackle some of the challenges, we shall overcome. For instance, the issue of power is something government should look into because if electricity is available it will improve and boost the nation’s economy. So, as a manufacturer, I want government to do more especially in the provision of energy and pump money into technical institutions so that the youths can be empowered.’’

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Buhari and Obasanjo

Buhari will soon come for Obasanjo – Useni

The military was very justified because looking at what was happening at that time, there were lots of crises all over the place, the situation in East, West and so on. Don’t forget that the first state of emergency ever declared in Nigeria was during democratic rule. I’m sure you know that there were lots of indiscipline in the democratic rule and civilians were going round saying to the military, do you want us to die before you do something? So the military did not just wake up and said give us power,

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$2.1BN ARMS DEAL: Dasuki, others should be tried for treason

Air Vice Marshal Lucky Ochuko Ararile (retd) is the Ovie of Umiagwha Abraka Kingdom, Delta State. Before he retired from the military, he commanded many formations including the Operation Restore Hope for the Niger Delta. He was later appointed the Coordinator of the Amnesty Committee that midwifed the Amnesty Programme for ex-militants by former President Umar Yar’Adua. In this interview, the retired air force officer bares his mind on the $2.1bn arms deal involving a former National Security Adviser (NSA), Colonel Sambo Dasuki (retd), and some top military officers, among other national issues.

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Aisha Oyebode,Muritala’s Daughter

Muritala’s death was hidden from me for two days – Aisha Oyebode, Daughter

I think I was so busy trying to get over my grief. And I was particularly close to my father because I was the eldest child. At that time the Federal Government gave us scholarship but it was not easy. Things are even much more efficient now because in those days every holiday we couldn’t go on vacation like some children. From the time I come home, we will be putting papers for our scholarship together so that we can take them to the Cabinet Office, the papers will now move from desk to desk and we were doing it so that we will not be late for school. And I did it for myself and my younger siblings. So you can imagine what we went through. So honestly I didn’t have time to feel any bitterness or anger.

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•Colonel Buka Dimka

How lust for girlfriend lured wanted Dimka to Afikpo

I was a teacher when the coup took place and Dimka and his partners were declared wanted. At that time, the radio kept announcing that whoever finds him should report to the police as some benefits will be given to the person. So, every 15 minutes or thereabout the radio continued to flare the information. Dimka had served as an officer here, (Afikpo) we came back from Biafra and met Dimka as an officer here, so Dimka was popular here. He was not somebody that could hide in Afikpo; he had a lot of friends; unfortunately, when he was declared a fugitive, it was easy for him to be spotted especially in Afikpo.

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