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Don’t source forex from black market- Manufacturers advised

It’s in two ways, when we say economic crunch. I think for now Nigerians have their priority. It’s supposed to be an advantage to us if money was in circulation, for the little in circulation every Nigerian now knows that they have to use it wisely. You have to use your money on made in Nigeria goods, because if you still want to depend on imported goods definitely you will spend more because of the exchange rate, you spend more because of the scarcity of Forex. You spend more because of the banned items we don’t need in Nigeria.

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Robert Clarke

May 29: Legislature, Judiciary in the eyes of Clarke

Outside the budget, I do not see anything the legislators have done during the year under review. They have used their time to settle internal quarrels, to fight for who will be chairman of one committee or the other, and using most part of the year mending rifts between them and even up till moment, the rifts remain unresolved. It does not augur well for this country that a parliament that has already done one year out of the four years has nothing to show for the period more than trying to patch up differences. They need to do better. Nigerians are looking at them to reflect the change that this new government wants. I am sorry to say that we are not seeing that in the legislature.

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FueledUp boss

How we’ll sell fuel in Lagos using mobile app – FueledUp boss

We have strong partnership agreements, which we can not disclose now, with the very best in the downstream oil and gas sector. This is to ensure reliability of products at the best market price as well as the authenticity of products sold. Also, we have the required man power and trucks available to carry out operations to meet consumers’ demand upon launch. We are approaching this with modern practices especially on delivery routines to ensure safety, security and reduce delays as a result of the heavy traffic flow in Lagos.

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•Nicolaas Vervelde

Why we’re investing in commercial production of sorghum, cassava – MD, NB Plc

We maintained our contribution to the development of the agriculture value chain in Nigeria as parts of our focus on sustainable sourcing of raw materials. For instance, in 2015, 47.4 per cent of our raw materials were sourced locally. Hopefully by 2018 we should be able to achieve a benchmark of 60 per cent and Heineken, our parent company has a commitment that by 2020 we should be able to attain 99 per cent local sourcing of raw materials.

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Chekwas Okorie

Biafra cannot be achieved through mere demonstrations- Chekwas Okorie

The renewed clamour for the secession of Biafra from the Nigeria nation agitates the mind of Ndigbo on the rationale behind the strident call. After the Civil War,General Yakubu Gowon(Rtd) had enunciated, as a panacea to remedy the battered infrastructure in the south-east geopolitical zone, three Rs,reconstruction,rehabilitation and reconciliation as veritable, to integrate the people into mainstream governance in the country.

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Andrew Oru

Regional recognition, empowerment will promote SMEs, entrepreneurship- Oru

So it appears that the youths of yesterday and today have been pushed out and certainly from what we can see, the people who are youth today will not be in any position to control this country tomorrow because they are inequipped and don’t know anything about governance and society. This is very unfortunate because by that time those who were in charge yesterday and are still in charge today would have been too old to do anything, it becomes difficult to replace. Which means actually that the future of Nigeria is bleak and that is something we should begin to weep over if you ask me.

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*Ogabu Jesse Chukwunonso....  students can begin to see the relevance of what they do in school as it relates to industry.

Nigerian brings industry to classroom

“Even if the student fails a course, there is a future for the student as he/she has understood the practical aspect of what he is studying. In fact, this means there is opportunity to re-write the story again.” Chukwunonso who said he is driven by passion to make impact in the lives of Nigerian students said he has done some background work on the benefits of the project and he has also made moves to write to organisations pre-informing them on the project to see how students in schools can understand these industrial practices while they are in school.

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Major Hamza Al-Mustapha

The many lies they said about Abacha- Al-Mustapha

It was the same presidency that we handed to somebody else and he too handed to another person. The question is where was the pond that contained crocodiles that we fed with living human beings? Where were the lions and who were these individuals that we threw to lions to eat? They must have families. Did the families cry out? When people want to tarnish your image for some fears, they can use anything.

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