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Ondo State Governor, Olusegun Mimiko

Mimiko talks tough: ‘INEC’S substitution of Jegede with Jimoh Ibrahim is a joke from hell . It will not stand’

The lingering battle over the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ondo State in the November 26 election between Mr Eyitayo Jegede (SAN) and Mr Jimoh Ibrahim takes a twist as Governor Olusegun Mimiko talks tough, saying the Independent National Electoral Commission’s (INEC) substitution of Jegede with Ibrahim will not stand. In this interview, Mimiko also speaks on the insinuation that he visited President Muhammadu Buhari to lobby him to defect to the All Progressives Party (APC), the ruling party at the federal level.

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Adebanjo vs Yakassai

Yoruba Agenda: No restructuring, no Nigeria, Ayo Adebanjo replies Tanko Yakassai

That was an afterthought, that is what we call damage control after the damage has been done. Those of us who know the president well will tell you that it is in his character and culture to speak that way about women. He (Buhari) still belongs to the conservative north, anything to the contrary is pretense except many of them who are trying to modernize. We started the universal voting for women because, in 1959, Chief Obafemi Awolowo pressed for it.

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Esther Quist

Difference between black, white people in making of music— Esther Quist

Esther Quist is a delectable Ghanaian lady who has bigger dreams than her size would ordinarily lead you to believe. A triple-major graduate of Computer Science, Business Administration and Psychology from a university in Poland, she has set aside her degrees to manage a blossoming artiste management company, Red Nation. In this interview, she speaks more about the label and the music industry as a whole.

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Governor  Mohammed Abubakar of Bauchi State

Why Bauchi Governor refused to be controlled from Abuja—Malami

As part of the change mantra of the APC administration in Bauchi State, the governor is fighting looters and exposing how they shamelessly looted the state with impunity. He has vowed to retrieve all that was looted. Some erroneously rated the governor as a joker on corruption but when he started the war, including rejecting a selfish request from the state’s national lawmakers, they resolved to fight him and make the state ungovernable. We are not folding our arms to watch them and we shall never succumb to their selfish request.

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*Prof. Chukwuemeka Ike

Igbo need the spirit of Biafra to move forward – Prof Chukwuemeka Ike

In fact, in my novel ‘The search’, I talked about the military coups. It was like some people would organize themselves and as soon as the group settles down, the chairs are pulled away. There is no doubt that some people in this country feel that they are born to rule Nigeria and that Nigeria must be ruled by them. During the war, the slogan was ‘To keep Nigeria one is a task that must be done!’ But the question is to keep Nigeria one for what purpose? So that is the Islamization.

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Clement Ebri

Why APC took the blame for Nigeria’s economic woes – Ebri

The issue of my purported suspension for anti-party activities by a few misguided party officials soon after I joined the party is most unfortunate. The national leadership of APC waded into the matter and resolved it amicably without the dust generated assailing everyone’s nostrils. The guilty party was directed to tender written unreserved apology to me and I have evidence of their compliance. For now the matter has been closed in good grace.

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Commodore Ebitu Ukiwe

Issue had been quite bad before Buhari came in – Ebitu Ukiwe

I have driven ships in the ocean as a captain. And I did that with so many risks and I reached the level politically where I was one of the few that had the privilege to have governed two states in the country which were Niger and Lagos states. From there, I eventually became the Chief of General Staff which translated in civilian terms as a Vice-President. In each of these appointments, there were hurdles and there were also some disappointments but with my faith in God and the struggle to ensure that I remained disciplined, God saw me through. That is why I am here.

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High chief mike loyibo, a member of the pa edwin clark-led pan niger delta elders and leaders forum, which is slated to meet with president muhammadu buhari on november 1, 2016 on the niger delta situation, speaks to vanguard ahead of the crucial parley.

What Niger Delta expects from Buhari after Jonathan’s disappointment

Let me say that all is still not well with the Niger Delta despite the intervention of the elders and leaders in the fractured peace process. As you can see, there is a serious lack of trust and confidence among the leaders and people, a situation that breeds suspicion, division and voices of dissent instead of a united, coordinated and respected popular opinion.

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Capt. Gbulie

BIAFRA: What agitators should do – Captain Gbulie

What we need is to put our own acts together. We fought a war to protect lives and property but why are we kidnapping our own people; why are we seeking the down fall of our own people, why don’t we do onye ahana nwanneya (be our brother’s keeper). If you go to Abuja and you are given a job, you allow your brother and come in there and speak Igbo and not when he speaks Igbo you will say mba, no, don’t speak Igbo here.

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Wonder Banks are products of intruders – Ubenyi

That’s the challenge we are facing now; some jumped into the business without proper foundation and legal backings and so the result is inevitable. Some want to tarnish the image of our business. What we are doing here in Enugu for instance is different from what every other person or company is doing. Before we started, we looked at the laws guiding such business and we tried to have enough legal backing to give our business a solid foundation.

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