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•Governor Ifeanyi Okowa (right) and Monday Igbuya, Speaker, Delta House of Assembly

Delta state remains biggest contributor to national cake – Udoh,

In Delta, we have much to look back on and great cause to give glory to God for how far we have come as a state. A quick look into history points to the fact that this state has been a major contributor to the success of the Nigerian project, a status of glory that can never be denied us. Delta State is unique for its contribution to the overall success of the Nigerian project.

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Chief Okwesileze Nwodo

Buhari should seek help outside APC – Okwesilieze Nwodo

So these two things that would have done with e-registration would have brought membership to the party, it would have guaranteed financial independence to the party. The third thing, I tried to do for the party was to bring back internal democracy. When we went to Jos we had about seven presidential aspirants and by the end of the primaries when they saw transparency, they conceded victory to General Obasanjo and all of them went with him round the country to campaign because they accepted defeat seeing that everything was transparent.

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THE Onojie of Opoji and Vice 
	Chairman, Edo State Council of 
	Traditional Rulers and Chiefs, His Royal Highness (HRH), Ehidiamen Aidonojie 1,

Why Anenih is fighting me – Edo traditional ruler

Anenih is not a traditional ruler and as such he was advised not to dabble into matters concerning the traditional institution. My being the first Vice chairman is by the blessing of the traditional rulers in the state after Esan traditional rulers have nominated me. So it is not Anenih’s making. He should not drag us into politics and he should mind his business. The 29 traditional rulers that endorsed Godwin Obaseki of the APC in Esan land have already reaffirmed their decision and it is irrevocable. We did that because we have never had it so good in Edo state until Oshiomhole’s APC came.

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25yrs after: Ritalori-Ogbebor reveals intrigues behind creation of Delta State

PRICESELY 25 years after the splitting of the defunct Bendel State into Delta and Edo states, foremost rights activist, Chief Mrs. Rita Lori-Ogbebor, goes down memory lane to reveal what could perhaps pass as high-powered intrigues that marked the process. Nudged, by an earlier report on the matter where it was said that the late Oba of Benin prevented the Itsekiri from being in the same state with the Benin, she provided an exhaustive account of the issues surrounding the restructuring of the defunct Bendel State.

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Mr. Lukman Otunuga

Naira vulnerable to further losses in future – FXTM

The global markets have been flung onto a chaotic rollercoaster ride in 2016 as the ongoing concerns over slowing global growth, depressed oil prices and persistent Brexit uncertainties have weighed heavily on investor sentiment. Stock markets started the year pressured, but have been surging higher on hopes of potential stimulus measures while risk aversion continues to keep Gold buoyed.

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Austin Tam-George

Wike’s weak side in real life – Tam-George, Commissioner for Information

Governor Wike has taken concrete conciliatory steps to work with everyone, even those in the opposition. He has an office and a special adviser on inter-party relations. The Governor’s intention is to keep his ears and doors open for cooperation and collaboration. But the APC’s response has always been to slam the door shut. They seem to be unable to cooperate, even in the interest of the State. It’s an unacceptable behaviour in a democracy.

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Niger-Deltans are their own worst enemies – Sandys, author in his 70s

Septuagenarian author and community leader, Sandys Omadeli Uvwoh, has been an advocate for a peaceful and robustly developed Niger Delta. In this interview conducted in Warri, Delta State, Sandys advances the advocacy, saying the under-development suffered by communities in the oil – rich region is largely self-inflicted by Niger Deltans themselves, political office holders and community leaders in particular.

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Most of the people elected into public office in Africa are thieves —Lumumba, ex-Director of Kenya Anti-Graft Commission

In this interview with Professor Patrice Lumumba, a former Director of Anti-Corruption Commission in Kenya and the Director of the Kenya School of Law, he discusses the challenges of fighting corruption. Lumumba, who was on Channels Television, expresses the hope that with a sustenance of the momentum in President Muhammadu Buhari’s fight against corruption, the dividends of a corrupt-free society would be there for all to benefit.

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