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Daniel Igali

We’ll not come back empty handed from Rio Olympics – Igali

Technical Director of the Nigeria Olympic Committee (NOC) Dr Daniel Igali who is also the President of the Nigeria Wrestling Federation (NWF) has never ceased to exude confidence that Team Nigeria will do the nation proud in the forthcoming Olympics in Rio, Brazil next month. The Sydney 2000 Olympics wrestling gold medallist spoke extensively on his expectations from the quadrennial Games.

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•Oba Fatai Aremu Aromire

I won 32 cases on my way to the throne- Ojora of Ijora

If you are not conversant with the family issues you can’t become the Ojora, you can’t just come from London and contest for the Ojora stool; you have to be an apprentice. I worked in the family office for 30 years; so I’ve been dealing with the family cases by going with the elders to meet the lawyers; so I have knowledge and experience. If you sue me now and I look at the suit and what you are claiming, I will just laugh. I will even advise my lawyer on what to do because it’s what I’ve been doing for the past 45 years; so I know everything. You can’t talk about anything regarding my family land now that I don’t know.

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Mr. Oluwaseyi  E. Abe, CIS president,

We owe FG constant engagement to articulate policy issues- CIS President

We in the capital market have always had cordial relationship with the Federal Government. We owe the Federal Government constant engagement in order to articulate policy issues that would move the market forward. The regulators and we the operators are the technical people . But we need the endorsement of the government and its patronage at every stage for the market to move forward. Several meetings, including public hearings had been held to x-ray the capital market and re-position it for global competitiveness. Many committees had been constituted as ad hoc or standing one. These committees usually have government representatives. Engagement with the government is a continuous exercise.

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High Chief Loyibo

Only N/D elements with ulterior motives are fighting Buhari- High Chief Loyibo

Well, what I can say as the National Coordinator of the CNDE, is that we are both surprised and not too surprised over the recent spike in oil facility attacks. We are not surprised because there are certain things that the government needed to provide in the Niger Delta but it has not done so up till this moment. These are the issues that gave birth to the Presidential Amnesty Programme. We are surprised that instead of addressing those germane issues the government merely tried to appease some people and allow the issues to fester.

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Abraham Nwankwo
DG, Debt Management Office

Oil is not the pillar that holds our economy- Abraham Nwankwo

With the oil sector contributing 20 percent to the Nigeria’s economy in recent times, the current economic challenges confronting the country can be exploited to facilitate the goal of being one of the 20 biggest economies by 2020. This however depends on how the citizens respond to the challenges and continued focus on developing the non oil sector especially agriculture. These views were expressed by the Director General of the Debt Management Office (DMO), Dr. Abraham Nwankwo in a recent interaction with finance correspondents where he also explained the rationale for external borrowing to fund the 2016 budget.

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Archbishop, Prof. Akinde

I solved scientific problem that defied classroom solution in church — Archbishop, Prof. Akinde

BORN in Kaduna on August 25, 1946, Archbishop (Professor) Adebayo Dada Akinde spent his formative years there even though his parents were of Egba (father) and Sierra Leonean (mother) extractions. Akinde, an electronics engineer and computer scientist, earned a B.Sc. degree in electronics from the then University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University).

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Laolu Akande, 
VP’s spokesman

How Buhari inspires Osinbajo- Laolu Akande, VP’s spokesman

Though it is not known to many Nigerians, the Office of he Vice President is actually saddled with the task of providing the economic roadmaps in conjunction with relevant bodies for the president’s approval. And so, the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo wouldn’t stop at nothing to help his principal, President Muhammadu Buhari succeed in putting the country on a sound pedestal. For one year now, both men have come to appreciate their passion for the country and Osinbajo’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Mr. Laolu Akande who follows and greatly understands the passion of these two leaders shares with select few Newspapers a vivid insider’s account of what the Economic Team located in the Vice President’s office has been doing, the gains of the Social Welfare Scheme of the government amongst other things. Vanguard was there.

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Our plans to confront PDP in Delta- Omo-Agege

To begin with, I never lost the election. Everyone who followed the 2015 Delta Central Senatorial District election in Delta State expected me to win in a landslide, which I did. But the electoral thieves, who believe they can rig their way into office every four years brazenly invaded polling units and ward collation centres to change the results. Like every criminal, they left credible evidence at the crime scene. At the senatorial collation centre, we found out that parties that did not participate in the election were awarded votes. On this criteria alone, we annulled so many unlawful votes and I was ahead by over 16,000 votes. Ordinarily, I should have been declared winner that day but when you have the entire machinery of the state government deployed against you, things don’t come easy. As a consequence, we had to go for a supplementary election which they rigged again. That was how Chief Ighoyota Amori was unlawfully declared winner.

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Joe Keshi

BREXIT fall out: Leaders must listen to the people — Amb. Keshi

When the British people voted to leave the European Union, it was in fulfilment of their age long desire not to surrender their sovereignty to a supra-national authority and bureaucracy in Brussels. But the outcome of the victory of the Leave campaigners has come with unanticipated consequences for the British and the world. In this interview with Vanguard newspaper, Ambassador Joe Keshi explains some lessons that our leaders must learn from the BREXIT referendum.

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Mrs Funso Adegbola, the daughter of late Chief Bola Ige

There shouldn’t be religious crisis over Hijab- Adegbola

Recently, I was in Osogbo at an education roundtable summit and there Osun, Ogun and Oyo states presented what they were doing in education and I must say that a lot of good work is going on. I would be the first to encourage government. The state of Osun has beautiful schools, and feeding programmes for elementary school students. So, there is a lot of good work. In terms of that, I will say I am proud of what I saw in the state of Osun.

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