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Owei Lakemfa

All crimes, big and small, deserve punishment

While the military regime succeeded in suffocating most of the Student unions, it gave oxygen to the cultists who have now graduated into being political leaders winning ‘elections’ through the type of violence they perpetrated in the campuses

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Guilty as perceived

DOUBLE Chief, Mike Ozekhome, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN, who had N75 million frozen in his account on suspicion that they are proceeds of crime, had claimed they are legal fees. That must have infuriated many Nigerians; if one lawyer earns so much as legal fees, what will be left for other lawyers to share?

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Conquering fear

THE Babangida military regime which shot itself into power on August 27, 1985 was a deceptive one. Early in its life, it asked Nigerians to debate whether to take or reject an International Monetary Fund, IMF, loan and its enslaving conditions. Nigerians overwhelmingly rejected the loan. General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida in a nationwide broadcast, acknowledged the decision of the populace. But he went on to get into bed with the IMF.

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The age of Mugabe and the age of ideas

ROBERT Gabriel Mugabe, the Pan Africanist and internationalist who was elected Zimbabwean Head of State thirty seven years ago, was 93 this Tuesday February 21. He had for decades championed the slogan “Zimbabwe for Zimbabweans.” Under this, he got the economic control of his country transferred from the minority White racists, to the majority Black population. This was more impactful on the land issue which his neigbours in the Region; Namibia and South Africa are still grappling with, without any solution in sight.

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South Africa’s wrestle with its past and future

TURMOIL. That is South Africa’s state of mind. The manifestation of this, is violence at all levels; from the streets and campuses, through xenophobic attacks to last week’s battles in the hallow chambers of Parliament. The country is caught between Post-Apartheid Reforms that have in a quarter of a century, failed to deliver promised change, and implementation of the core principles of the 1955 Freedom Charter, a document which has been largely, side-stepped.

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Looking back; why Nigeria tripped at the AU

NIGERIA at the African Union, AU, Assembly rolled out its fearsome arsenal; diplomatic, political and economic in a contest to win the leadership of the Peace and Security Commission, PSC. The Giant of Africa which has been in economic recession, must have expended quite some money, at least for travels and estacode across the continent campaigning for its candidate, Ms. Fatima Kyari Mohammed.

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