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One day…

I believe a good citizen makes a good country and it is time we act as we deserve the right to call ourselves Nigerians

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Wear Red For Sickle Cell Day

The World Sickle Cell Day is on 19th of June. The wear red for sickle cell day was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2008, to raise awareness about the sickle cell disease globally. Sickle cell affects us all directly or indirectly and it has affected and continues to affect many families who have lost family members as a result of the condition.

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Lost and Found

Following this current release, 113 Chibok schoolgirls remain missing. We must not forget that thousands of people have been killed and a further 1.6 million have been internally displaced as a result of the eight-year insurgency by Boko Haram. It was the brutal abduction of the 276 Chibok school girls in April 2014 that captured the world’s attention and the murderous activities of Boko Haram on the people of the region. Prior to that, the terrorist activities only got partial coverage, if any.

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