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Outside looking in

Prince of Thieves

Only in Nigeria, when people steal millions and billions and these dishonest men and women in fine clothing are considered smart and feted by their community for as long as they can drop a few thousand Naira here and there for their supporters

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We should thrive and not merely survive

Interesting times we live in, and what a week it has been. Young Nigerians took to social media with hash tag #IStandWithNigeria and then to the streets. They stood up and spoke out. Across the country and abroad, they marched in their tens, hundreds and thousands to protest about the present living conditions in Nigeria. Whatever the motive of 2Face Idibia, he was right to start the conversation publicly and initiate a public protest. It was well intended and many millions of young Nigerians took up the mantle of responsibility.

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The enemy of Nigeria is the Nigerian

I have come to accept to take any news from Nigeria with a pinch of salt. I no longer take it seriously or accept it as gospel, especially stories that are directly from Nigeria. So when I read a story earlier this week, I called my father to confirm the validity of the story, he told me that the story has been disproved. It seemed that it was the handiwork of some mischievous miscreants who, have nothing better to do but spread misinformation for their churlish and childish perverted delight.

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Being violent is a sign of weakness!

No child should be left behind” is often a charge decried by many progressives. Mostly, it is often merely words unless it is backed with actions. The United Nations has issued a desperate warning that 75,000 children in Northern Nigeria are at risk dying in “a few months” due to hunger as a direct result of the Boko Haram insurgency. Millions have left their land, livelihood and lost their businesses as insurgents have left tens of thousands dead in its wake.

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It is time to address the health of our male citizens

Over the years, I have come to accept that we, as a people do not like to discuss health issues and we will do almost anything to avoid talking about our health even if it kills us. So let be honest, we are not very good at prioritising our health and as long as the outside looks good, then we are good to go. As long as no one knows and we keep going on and on, ignoring our body and all the signals telling us to stop and care for our health.

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Dele dared to tell the truth

19th October, 2016 marked the 30th anniversary of the assassination of Dele Giwa, the Editor-In-Chief and founding member of Newswatch, the eponymous newsmagazine. Thirty years on, the person or persons unknown that carried out this dastardly and cowardly crime remain at large. The truth, no matter how long will eventually out. One day, it will happen but it will not matter. We know what happened: a good man died that day. A man on top of his profession ladder was cruelly killed because he dared to tell the truth.

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