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Jonathan’s exit, Buhari’s entry: A critical view1_/

Handover :  Jonathan presenting handing over notes to Buhari.

Nigeria, through the divine intervention, and the singular act of a statesman, is witnessing today the happy end of an era and the hopeful beginning of another phase. This would be a sad disappointment to the prophets of doom with their forecast of possible disintegration of the country in 2015. Perhaps the prognosis of apocalypse has turned to be a blessing in disguise.

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Change for political unity and economic devt

It is just another week to the change-over to a new administration following the unexpected defeat of the ruling party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). The victorious party, All Progressives Congress (APC), under the leadership of a former army general and dictator, Muhammadu Buhari, who appeared to have become a born again into a world of enviable and delightful democracy, looks fully ready. The assumption is that Buhari could turn out to be a genuine democrat.

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Deregulating the downstream sector of the oil industry

This week has shown some aspects of the absurd, and also, disdainful impunity. Nigeria is one of the leading world oil producers – producing about 2.5 million barrels of crude oil per day. And yet, motorists queue endlessly for a product that is not available at the official price of N87 per litre, but which smart guys sell around the corner at about N200. That product is called Gasoline, known by all as Petrol

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•Buhari: Decked out

After the 2015 polls: Sweet victory and its problems

The results of the 2015 elections are now known and believed to be accepted by all, without the familiar ‘Nigerian factors‘ of superficially crying over sour milk. A commendable standard has been set by the present Nigerian political leaders that whether win or lose , the post election period would be peaceful, leaving the doubtful aspects of the various results to the determination of the country‘s respected judicial system.

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President-elect Muhammadu Buhari reviews a document in Abuja on April 1, 2015. Nigeria's new president-elect Muhammadu Buhari hailed polls that will lead to the first democratic change of power in Africa's most populous nation as "historic" hours after he secured a decisive victory. AFP PHOTO

The 2015 elections: The return of Buhari as a democrat

After three unsuccessful attempts to become a democratically elected President of Nigeria, the former military Head-of-State, Gen Buhari (rtd) is now the President-Elect of Nigeria, having defeated the incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan by 15.4 million to 12.8 million votes. Buhari‘s victory is a lesson in patience and doggedness. Dr. Goodluck Jonathan has been magnanimous in defeat by congratulating the winner – a greater lesson in statesmanship and honour.

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Osun voters during accreditation

2015 ELECTIONS: Impact of regional (party) alliances and ethnic bloc voting on results

The good news of the week was the clearing of the murderous gangs from some parts of the country which they have forcefully occupied and wantonly devastated. The country‘s gallant security outfits should be handsomely rewarded for the victories, and the support of all Nigerians is needed for the eventual victory over the Boko Haram insurgents also. The supporting forces of Niger and Chad should be appreciated for coming to the aid of their neighbour at the crucial moment.

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Buhari, Jega and Jonatrhan

2015 Elections: Who will win should win

Political party adherents and commentators on public affairs are always interested in the final results of elections, especially the keenly contested ones. It becomes more interesting when it is a straight political duel between the ruling party which is accustomed to a period of easy victories and a resurgent opposition which is solidly bent on changing the political scenery.

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2015 Elections: Some vital national issues revisited

It looks as if the principal gladiators in the March 28, 2015 Presidential election are using the opportunities provided by the postponement of February 14, 2015 to re-emphasise their earlier promises of making the country more secure and prosperous. There is no doubt that all Nigerians are very happy with the exploits of our patriotic and fearless security outfits (aided by their neighbours) in overcoming the armed and murderous insurgents. It has been pleasant news that the brutally displaced persons are now returning to their homes.

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2015 Elections: The dilemma of a postponement

The last postponement by INEC Chairman of elections scheduled for 14th and 28th February 2015 is not the first one under the present Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) headed by Professor Jega. The first one under his watch happened in 2011. The postponement announced on 7th February seems to be divinely inspired and should be appreciated by all Nigerians who might have been saved the embarrassment of the century.

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2015 Elections:Some specific issues cleverly avoided

With the Presidential election about one week away, the amusing gyrations of the political gladiators continue unabated. There is little doubt the suffering masses are presumed to be enjoying the macabre daylight dance in the market. The Boko Haram insurgents (murderers) always make their presence felt by the dastardly acts of the female suicide bombers (an innovation in Nigeria).

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