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File photo: Poverty, hunger in the land

More reasons why Nigeria will not move 100m out of poverty in 10 yrs

Buhari made that statement during a visit by his self-centred fan club – Buhari Media Organisation, BMO. For those in that bandwagon, the President can do no wrong because they seldom can think of the consequences of his mistakes. The Nigerian 2019 Presidential elections ended in February. Buhari had four months to select his cabinet. Instead of doing that, he is giving the same excuse he gave in 2015 when he waited until October to appoint Ministers. Two sad repercussions of that delay were experienced predictably.

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Additional reasons Nigeria might not lift 100 million out of poverty

 Professor Pat Utomi in his recent book WHY NOT? Had written at length about how Banking Consolidation under Professor Charles (now Chukwumah) Soludo had ruined Nigeria’s banking sector for decades to come. Utomi had faulted what I later named Con-Soludo-tion (because it turned out to be a costly scam) largely on the grounds that imposing a “one size fits all” policy was not advisable. I totally agree with Pat because there is no fast growing economy in the world that has adopted that straight jacket approach to its banking sector.

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