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When we worship God, we exalt Him for who He is. Worship belongs only to God.
To worship God means to ascribe worth or value or to count worthy. When we worship God, we acknowledge that He is worthy; we acknowledge who He is and what He is.

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Ratzinger’s Four Forerunners

It is expected that on Thursday, Feb.28, 2013, Pope Benedict XVI will become the first Pope in almost 600years to resign. The announcement came as a shock to the Catholic faithful. In the last 1,000 years, history records that only four Popes have resigned. One resigned to get married, another was made to step down for bribing his way through; a third left office under very queer circumstances while the fourth Pope to resign did it in the interest of resolving a creeping interference from kings.

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Africa and the Papal power game

When the son of a first generation immigrant from Kenya announced in Chicago, the United States, US, in 2007 that he was running for the White House, many of those who heard him thought he was embarking on a political hara-kiri. At that time, nobody thought the white political establishment will consider Hussein Mubarak Barry Obama a serious contender for the office of the President of the US.

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