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Abrogation of onshore/offshore dichotomy: Matters arising

IT is always good that information passed on to the public by top government officials should be factual, sincere and with the right motives, since the masses rely on government pronouncements. Many utterances, reeking of truths, half-truths, and outright falsehoods (borne out of politics), have been made about the issue of how the struggle for the abrogation of the obnoxious onshore-offshore oil-dichotomy was carried out and the ‘war’ eventually won. Crude oil drilled in the waters is referred to as “offshore” and the one on land as “onshore”.

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Abia guber election appeal judgment : Defending the indefensible

THE first thing that struck me as I perused the interview with the Hon. Justice Francis Shoremi of the Court of Appeal in Vanguard Newspapers of Sunday October 4, 2009 was the absolute lack of conviction clearly apparent in his own words when the Honourable Justice took it upon himself to explain to the public the perverse decision of February 11, 2009 in which the Court of Appeal reversed the judgment of the Governorship and Legislative Houses Election Tribunal, Umuahia which had upheld the petitions of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and their candidates over the April 2007 elections.

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Resuscitating Edo PDP

FOR Edo State, the crippled Heart Beat of the Nation, these are indeed interesting times. A civil government is in place trying within its limits and limitations to undermine the essence of good governance and resuscitate a failing state as represented by a ruling cabal which has monopolized power for the past ten years of our democratic setting.

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FG/ASUU crisis: That sermon from Omolayole

A RECENT masterpiece of an article was vintage Dr. Mike Omolayole. It was titled “ASUU Strike: Doing the right things the right way.” If you have never heard of Dr. Mike Omolayole or met him, or read his many writings and immense contributions to the development of home-grown management in Nigeria, or worse still, never listened to any of his lectures, walai, I sympathise with you! He is one of the select few that God

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Nigeria’s image and banking reforms

By Ovuakporie Efe CORRUPTION is a worldwide phenomenon that cuts across every race and tribe; it is not an indigenous property of Nigeria. What is, however, a cause for concern is the extent of its existence in the different sectors which has greatly impeded Nigeria’s image amongst other nations of the world. Corruption has rapidly
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