OVER the years, human society has  transformed both in civilization, information and physical development. To that extent, it has become incumbent on the people to evolve a system of government and administration that could tap the various opportunities offered by the transformation of the society to enhance growth, peace and progress.

Ibusa community in Oshimili North Local Government Area of Delta State is a quintessential example of a people that has steadily transformed.

In matters of physical and human development, Ibusa has risen to become a force to be reckoned with. With the array of intellectuals, captains of industries as well as seasoned technocrats both serving and retired, Ibusa community poses a challenge of administration which only a learned and experienced technocrat can resolve. Against this backdrop, the person and personality of Obi Professor Louis Chelunor Nwoboshi is quite appropriate to meet the leadership needs of a sophisticated community like Ibusa.

A professor of sociology and anthropology from the famous and premier University of Ibadan, Obi Louis Chelunor Nwoboshi has distinguished himself as knowledgeable and competent in matters of social engineering. His public commentaries on traditional, cultural, national and international issues eloquently interpret the stuff that Prof Nwoboshi is made of.

Over and above this, his ability to socialize and adapt to the traditional Ibusa society has proved him also to be a tool for communal development and traditional administration. Indeed on matters of leadership and rulership of Ibusa community as typified by the office and stool of the Obuzor of Ibusa, Ibusa people do not have to look any further for the right person to sit on that throne to administer the day-to-day administration/activities of the entire community.

Prof Nwoboshi by his antecedent and his daily activities stand shoulder high than any contender for the office and stool for the Obuzor of Ibusa.

He deserves it and can acquit himself creditably in the office. This writer is worried and very surprised that a handful of elites of the community under the canopy of unrecognised Izu-ani Ibusa and others under another canopy of Ibusa Community Development Union, ICDU, who by their positions should be fully engaged in joining hands with their God-given gift in the person of Obi Nwoboshi as the Obuzor of Ibusa, instead create unnecessary crises and make very provocative statements and unguarded remarks about the person of the very revered Obi and his council of chiefs.

One thing is obvious, no single individual, irrespective of his or her status, can cry foul when there is none. All those who for their selfish desire to become Obuzor, should wait for their turn and at the appropriate time which is when only God Almighty decides to call the incumbent Obuzor to join his ancestors, otherwise no amount of campaign of calumny, tales of woe and defamation of character and names or the use of the media, be it electronic or print, can remove the Obuzor Obi Professor Nwoboshi from the well deserved stool.

The government of Delta State, like any other government in the country, owes it as a duty to give a staff of office to any eligible and competent person chosen and accepted by his community to become the traditional ruler of such community like in the case of the incumbent Obuzor of Ibusa.

It is, therefore, very laughable for the few members of ICDU led by it President-General based in Port Harcourt, with some few uninformed indigenes based outside the country to scheme for the removal of the incumbent Obuzor on the mere unfounded and baseless allegations that he, the Obuzor, is high handed, not transparent and refuses to accord the senior Diokpa of the community due recognition and functions, amongst others.

The question which is seriously seeking for an answer to be provided by the ICDU leadership or the Izu-ani Ibusa and their cohorts is:

*Since the establishment of Obuzor institution in 1995 which incidentally is the same year the ICDU was inaugurated, what development has it attracted or it could point at as achievement in Ibusa?

*Why is it now after 17 years of fruitful leadership and administration of Obuzor system that the ICDU and Izu-ani Ibusa members have woken up from their slumber to stage a campaign of pull Obuzor down syndrome?

Prof Nwoboshi, on ascension to the throne as the Obuzor and traditional ruler of Ibusa in 1995 embarked on some meaningful developmental projects from monies donated by some few individuals of the community during a launching for financial drive.

These projects include the construction of a benefiting ultra modern eye clinic adjudged to be the best in Africa as well as the renovation of the cenotaph at Nkata-Diokpa’s palace hall Ashianta Ibusa. He also introduced and supported the establishment of a functional vigilante group to assist the law enforcement agents in combating crime in the area.

It is unfortunate and most regrettable that a man of Obuzor’s status and a traditional ruler who has shown humility, decorum and above all has remained upright, and showing interest in the welfare of his people and neighbours  could be subjected to ridicule.

I stand to challenge these individuals, including the ICDU leadership since its inception 17 years ago, to point at one development structure they have been able to attract or made possible in the community.

I will not conclude this write-up without commending two leaders of the state : A one time military administrator, Ibrahim Kefas, who act of delight for the numerous administrative leadership of Obi Nwoboshi, handed over as part of honour, the amusement park in the community built after his name to the Obuzor.

Big kudos goes to the governor of the state, Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan, who out of his benevolence, regard and respect for traditional institution, during the recent inauguration of some traditional rulers in the state, advised all, especially President-Generals of Town Unions, to sheathe their swords in whatever differences they may have with their traditional rulers.

Therefore,  all those individuals who are in the habit of falsely accusing  the Obuzor should retrace their steps and begin to seek  for forgiveness to avoid the wrath of our forefathers falling on them. A word is a enough for the wise.

Mr. Godwin Azubuike Okolie, a social commentator, Ibusa, Delta State.


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