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The troubled ANLCA’s Board

By Iyabo James THE  up coming election of Association of Nigeria Licensed customs Agents (ANLCA) is certain to be mired by controversy; intrigue and subversion. The grounds for this seeming scenario have since been watered long before now by those who  rigged themselves into the BOT and other strategic positions at the  national level. The
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I am a Nigerian

THE journey from the Kirikiri Canal offices of Vanguard Newspapers to my residence ought not to be more than a 20-minute drive on normal smooth and free road. But in Nigeria, there is hardly anything normal in our day-to-day activities as a people, anymore; and so, leaving Vanguard premises at 5.35pm, I had hoped that at the very worst I would make it home in an hour. But as it turned out, by 10.00 pm I was still locked up in the middle of a no-moving traffic.

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For Dr. Stanley Macebuh: A tribute

THE first thing that strikes you about Dr Stanley Macebuh was his affectations. His urbanity and sophistication could not be missed, and it came out of him effortlessly. I am not sure whether he cultivated it or it has always been part of his make-up. Whatever it was, the impression that he was a knowledgeable, a well-travelled and exposed man, self-assured would impress you the more when you engage him in conversation.

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Jonathan, please be firm

As the people get more confused, ministers were busy dropping bombshell of lies in Abuja. The former Minister of Justice even turned the law upside down by saying that Mr. President can rule by proxy from any part of the world! Other members of the kitchen cabinet claimed they saw the President who was actually under intense care of King Faisal Hospital. Madam First Lady was said to be the ring leader in churning out the other side of the truth.

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Ngige, Soludo: Tale of two losers

THE worst moment in any election is often the day after. It is the period when the losers start coping with the reality of the outcome. Because truth most times hurts, for losers in an election, this is the time the sinking feelings of anger, disillusionment, frustration and “betrayal” take control of reason.

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The benevolence of Ochendo

Do you know that Abia indigenes have been at the receiving end whenever this happened. But the Abia State government under Chief T. A. Orji has been a direct opposite of all these. As a nationalist Governor Orji has continued to retain non-indigenes in the state pay-roll. As a leading and respected voice in the Governors Forum, Governor Orji has been a strident advocate of a united Nigeria.

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