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A catalogue of failures by buhari’s ministers – 1

IN 2016 and again in 2017, they collectively and individually deceived their Fellow Nigerians. Announcing “the biggest budget ever in the history of Nigeria”, they never told us they were not going to fulfill their promises. We failed to take notice in 2016 when the first budget prepared by this administration was a burst. We were too trusting; or as some of us thought, they lacked experience and would soon learn. But as we crawl to the end of 2017, it is becoming quite clear that these guys really intend to continue to lie to us.

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FG powerless against economic terrorism? – Dele Sobowale

THAT was in a news report published in a national newspaper. The Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has raised alarm about the increase in the volume of rice, fish and poultry products being smuggled into the country. The Ministry, obviously speaking to deaf ears, warned that “importation of rice and frozen fish through land borders is illegal and prohibited.”

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Budget 2018 to be submitted in January? (1) – Dele Sobowale

ASO Vakporoye claimed   to be speaking for the Minister who, naturally, was unavoidably absent to deliver the bad news himself. But, is it possible that Vakporoye received the wrong script from the Minister’s office? We waited for three days for a disclaimer but none came. So, it is a fact that the 2018 budget will be delivered late. After the very late passage of the 2017 budget in late May this year, and the adverse consequences still unfolding, economic policy observers would have thought that the Federal Government will not be the cause of any delay in getting another budget passed on time in 2018. We were wrong.

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Nigeria lacks sales people to sell made-in-Nigeria products – 1

President Buhari spoke in favour of it. Vice President Osinbajo is in support. In fact, it will be difficult to find any well-informed Nigerian who disagrees with the campaign to “Buy Made In Nigeria Goods”. Then, why has our import bill been rising and few people actually patronize those products? The answer is simple: we have no sales people who can sell Made In Nigeria Goods – which is like moving a mountain. We lack the sales people because we keep on making several mistakes.

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No alternative to airport concessioning

‘BETTER late than never” remains the word of wisdom when a measure long delayed had caused immeasurable damages to a nation until it can no longer be avoided. For too long and out of fear of a small minority of selfish individuals calling themselves Labour Unions, governments continued to operate commercial enterprises long after it had become glaring to all other stakeholders that governments are incapable of running businesses successfully.

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