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You can have too much of a good thing!

No matter how much of an extrovert I want to believe I am, I always cherish the ‘me’ time I spend in a bedroom that looks more of a bombsite than the haven it is supposed to be! So, when Florence, an old school-mate, who had been a good host to me on the few times I ventured on the soil of America, decided to visit the country after years of being away, I was obligated to reciprocate her hospitality.

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A sexual adventurer or a nymphomaniac?

Sex has always meant different things to different people. Whilst a hand of young ladies hold on to their virginity (as bargaining chips maybe?) a lot of men scoff at the myth of ‘deflowering ‘a woman. “What’s the big deal in that?” Scoffed Kamar, a married medical doctor with three children, “Someone has to get there first, I had a virgin girl once but after she d tasted the forbidden fruit, she was off on a sampling spree.

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