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FRSC launches campaign against Coronavirus

As part of efforts to sustain the ongoing advocacy campaigns to curtail the spread of coronavirus through overloading of vehicles with passengers, the Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC, has again admonished all drivers of vehicles to carry only one person at the front and not more than three in a row  of the vehicles. While motorcycle riders should carry only one person at a time so that occupants will be able to guard themselves and watch out for symptoms as they commute to their destinations.

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Stallion Motors-Hyundai to unveil Nigeria’s first electric car

CLIMATE change is for real. The changes in global temperature and weather patterns seen today are caused by human activity. They are happening much faster than the natural climate variations of the past. World over, industries have started recognizing this and are making the switch towards sustainable means of doing business and adopting technology with less environmental impact.

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Simba TVS, VIO conduct road safety training

IN furtherance of its road safety education initiatives, Simba TVS, distributors of Nigeria’s largest selling tricycle brand, has conducted a training programme on road safety for tricycle drivers in Abuja. The event was organised in collaboration with the Vehicle Inspection Office, VIO, Abuja and consisted of both classroom-based and practical training.

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