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Man Of The Year 2014

Prologue: just a class apart

In the midst of the daunting challenges Nigeria faces, it is easy to overlook the changes that are running through the country in different ways, and from different change agents, whose missions have been to make things better.

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Lamido’s laudable landmarks

The governor has made remarkable impact on the people, the state and the 27 local government councils of the state in all sectors of the state.

In the opinion of some, the greatest achievement of the Lamido administration may be the construction of brand new office complexes for the three arms of offices for the executive, judiciary and the legislative arms of government.

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We did a new thing in Nigeria – Elumelu

In your own words, who is Tony Elumelu?

I am a very family oriented guy. Of course, I have a very close knit nuclear family but I also regard friends and colleagues as part of my wider family. I am also a very loyal and committed person. I think these values stem from my Nigerian/African background – I was born/bred/taught entirely in Africa! I am very proud of that fact. It demonstrates that it is still possible for people with humble backgrounds who work hard, dream big and have a desire for excellence to, with the help of God and a slice of luck, make it here in Africa.

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Prologue: Nigeria Kills Ebola

EBOLA was always a distant issue to Nigerians. Discovered in 1976 at Nzara, Sudan, and Yambuku, Democratic Republic of Congo, now Zaire, it was named after Ebola River, in order not to stigmatise Yambuku which is 100 kilometres from the river. Outbreaks of the highly fatal Ebola have been around Zaire, Gabon, Uganda, Congo, South Africa, Sudan and Cote d’Ivoire.

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Babatunde Raji Fashola: Loud Ovation In Most Places

CITY dwellers will probably find it easy to judge the governor; all they need do is compare the state of their area when the governor came in, and now. For those in the non-pressure parts of Lagos State, like Epe, Badagry, Agbowa-Ikosi, Ikorodu, and other outliers, they would be right in singing the praises of the governor, yet, others like Mowo, Agbara, Ajangbadi, Ikoga and others might not have much to sing about. However, development is not about roads alone; which states have been building since the Roman Empire.

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Business Personality Of The Year: Tony Elumelu, High Priest Of African Capitalism

AFRICA has long been described as a dark continent where nothing good is happening apart from savagery and war of attrition. This notion has in the past tended to make African stars to be clouded out of reckoning by others. Today, a new vocabulary called African capitalism has entered into the global business dictionary. It is the idea of an African, a Nigerian who is making waves in the international business arena, whose voice can no longer be ignored. He believes that Africa should take its destiny of economic emancipation in its own hand. As it was in Europe in the 16th century when some group of business men in search of profit developed Europe and America, this eminent Nigerian also believes that African businesses can change the face of Africa and transform it from a poor and needy continent to an industrialised one.

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Issue Of The Year Chibok girls: the bone in Nigeria’s throat

ON the night of 14 April 2014, the insurgents capitalised on security laxity in Government Secondary School, Chibok, in the southern end of Borno State, and swept away 276 girls. The girls were reportedly staying back to write their final school certificate exams. Though the West African Examination Council, WAEC, had expressed misgivings about the safety of the candidates, the Borno State Government assured WAEC that there would be adequate security, as Chibok was not one of the areas in the State considered “unsafe”.

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