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Buharinomics leading Nigeria into another debt trap

The first thing which must shock most Nigerians, though not most people in advanced countries, is the fact that Nigeria lacks a comprehensive and coordinated economic policy. The reason for that is clear. Nobody at the top levels of government is an economist. Buhari is not, neither is Osinbajo — the Chairman of the Economic Management Team. Talk about putting a round peg in a square hole or vice versa and the Vice President of Nigeria should be a perfect example of that syndrome.

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Shareholders differ on imposition of fine by regulators

I think regulators are too harsh on companies with the numerous and high amount of fines they impose on companies. The money that companies pay as fine is shareholders own. So I feel regulators should be soft pedal on the fines they impose on companies. It is the employees that somehow flout some of these rules. Why should shareholders bear the brunt? Also, the amount of fine they charge these companies need to be reviewed. For instance, the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, for a single offence, charges not less than N50 million. This is really too much and is affecting the amount that would have been given us as dividend.

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