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A mad man grabbed my bum in the public – Didi Ekanem

When asked by one of our reporters the craziest thing a fan has ever done to her , she boldly replied :”Craziest thing? A mad man actually grabbed my bum in public while I was walking on the road. That’s like the craziest thing, what else can possibly be crazier than that? I was just passing, I wanted to get something and next thing, he just walked up to me and grabbed my bum from behind. When I turned, he was still holding it like a mad man and I screamed, I ran, left my shoes and everything. People just stood there and they were just laughing”

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Room 027 was a mistake – Collins Onwochei

Room 027 threw the whole of Nollywood into a frenzy when clips of the film emerged online in 2013 for its explicit scenes of sex and nudity. The culprits in the film, Collins Onwochei, Tony Umez and Chinelo Ememchukwu have since had to answer many questions for their roles in the film. Though the dust seems to have settled but there are echoes of questions still looming. In this chat, Onwochei comes clean with his role in the movie.

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I’m getting ready for marriage this year – Mimi Orjiekwe

When Nollywood actress and model, Mimi Orjiekwe, was starting out on her journey into acting, her father was totally against it while her mother grudgingly supported her. Their reason was simple: would their only daughter ever get a decent man to marry? But when their worst fears were beginning to play havoc with their imaginations, Mimi got engaged to Charles Billion, a dashing movie maker who has been rocking the damsel’s world.

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