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Our ports and Ease-of-Doing-Business

It is noteworthy that EODB covers 11 areas of business regulation and environment of the 190 countries, which are measured on time and cost on procedural requirements for import, export and the shipment of goods. Time and cost are associated with three sets of requirements which are: documentary compliance, border compliance as well as domestic transport which allows for comparability across all 190 countries.

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Financial autonomy for State Assemblies, Judiciaries

THE widespread clamour for financial autonomy for State Houses of Assembly and Judiciaries bore fruitful results recently when President Muhammadu Buhari signed a Bill into law granting this request. The new law, which was part of the Bills under the Fourth Constitution Alteration efforts presented to the President by the National Assembly after going through the elaborate due processes, ensures that these estates of the state governments will no longer be hampered by executive control over their finances.

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As Buhari enters his fourth year

Having inherited an economy that was rapidly heading towards recession due to falling oil prices and lack of savings, the regime did not help matters when it failed to quickly define a new economic direction. The slow pace of forming the Federal cabinet further dampened the confidence of local and international stakeholders in our economy.

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