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High cost of nomination fees

It gives cheap political investors the opportunity to purchase these forms for occupants of plum and powerful political offices to assert themselves as future “stakeholders” if their candidates win. This form of unbridled political speculation cannot promote our touted war on corruption. There should be no reason to make nomination forms too expensive for anyone who seeks election to serve.

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Police invasion of Edwin Clark’s privacy

When the story broke on Tuesday, September 4, 2018 that a team of policemen led by Assistant Superintendent of Police, ASP David Dominic, stormed the home of nonagenarian and Ijaw/South-South leader, Chief Edwin Clark, apparently in search of arms and ammunition, it was generally seen as part of the growing tendency of the Police and security agencies to target opposition leaders for harassment.

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Finding solutions to the flooding menace

Apart from the usual floods caused by poor management of the environment such as the blockage of drainage channels, erection of buildings along the paths of running surface water, as well as flooding along major river banks due to the release of water from dams, the World Meteorological Organisation, WMO, had declared 2017 as the hottest non-El-nino year in the recorded history of the globe.

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File photo: Poverty, hunger in the land

Addressing extreme poverty in Nigeria

EARLIER in June, the Brookings Institution, an American think-tank research group, published data from the World Poverty Clock which showed that Nigeria, with the latest estimated population of 200 million, had overtaken India (1.32 billion population) as the “poverty capital” of the world. Specifically, it reported that with 87 million people already living below the poverty line, six new people fall into extreme poverty every minute.

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Learning from the “Music House” saga

“Music House,” which the owners valued at about N800 million, housed a radio station, Fresh FM, music studios and other business outfits. According to the Oyo State Commissioner for Information, Culture and Tourism, Mr Toye Arulogun, government took the action because the proprietor of the complex failed to submit the approved plan/permit for the building as demanded by the OYSG in a letter dated 18th August 2017.

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Overcoming our humanitarian burdens

Nigeria is one of the countries that should attach special significance to the #NotATarget campaign. The Boko Haram conflict in the North East alone accounts for Africa’s largest displaced persons population which was put at 3.3 million by the end of 2015. Most of them live in Internally-Displaced  Persons, IDP, camps while a sizeable number squatted with relations.

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