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Emulating Japan’s cute World Cup exit

THIS  year’s ongoing Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA) World Cup, which will be winding up in Russia this weekend, has lived up to the quadrennial soccer extravaganza’s reputation as a showpiece of colour, glamour, culture, global unity in diversity, competitiveness and triumphs in “the beautiful game”.

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Special courts a worthy experiment

The call became necessary because the wheel of justice is extraordinarily slow in Nigeria. It is even slower when it comes to the trial of big-time corruption cases, especially politically-exposed persons and bankers who capitalise on the slow judicial process and elements within the anti-graft agencies to frustrate the anti-corruption war.

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NNPC, FAAC and the rest of us

The present stand-off where a FAAC meeting had to be suspended indefinitely has the potential of addressing the fiscal irresponsibility that has been bedeviling Nigeria’s public finance for too long, at least to some extent. We hope this opportunity should not be missed to reconnect fully with the principles of the Fiscal Responsibility Act which has been eroded.

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History waits on Prof Yakubu’s INEC

President Muhammadu Buhari is the first Nigerian leader to appoint individuals reportedly close to him into the INEC which will conduct elections in which he and his direct interests will be involved. The notion of “independence” has traditionally been underscored by the fact that before Buhari, Presidents tended to appoint the Chief Electoral Officer of the Federation from regions other than theirs.

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FG’s proposed ranching projects

Already, some of the states listed for the pilot programme, such as Ebonyi and Benue, have rejected it outright. Also, the Southern and Middle Belt Leaders Forum, SMBLF, has issued a statement rebuffing the proposal. These are clear signs that this manner of pursuing the ranching programme will not promote peace in the states where it is being rejected.

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Resurgence of killings on the Plateau

The Federal and state governments responded with predictable reactive precision: Governor Simon Lalong of Plateau State slammed a dusk-to-dawn curfew in the affected local governments, a step which in the past, never helped to curtail the massacres. President Buhari also issued a condolence message and as usual, vowed that the Federal Government “will never rest” until the killers are brought to book.

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Our annual budget mess must end

While the Executive and its sympathisers claim that the National Assembly is meant to more or less rubber-stamp the President’s Appropriation Bill, the lawmakers counter-claim that as “representatives of the people” charged with “the power of the purse”, the document laid by the President is “a mere proposal”. They believe they have the right to make whatever changes they deem fit for the good of the people.

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