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Blaming the Police

DR. Ibrahim Yakubu Lame, Minister of  Police Affairs, became more famous last week when he spent a lot of time blaming the police for the country’s poor security. He provided no statistics, other than talking about rising crime rate. It is difficult to know what angered the minister that he condemned the police in a
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Edo House Of Commotion

IF you are a fervent follower of events in Edo State House of Assembly, you would think the legislators were being paid to exhibit their stale boxing skills. Last week, the hospitals in Benin City were busy receiving victims of the most recent flurry of punches unleashed in a gathering that is supposed to make laws for the good governance of the State.

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Defects in de-regulation

DE-REGULATION, the public thinks, is another name for price increases without any certainty about improvements in services. While de-regulation has worked with the telecommunications industry, where the issues of power (fuel and energy for industrial, commercial and domestic uses) are concerned, the same factors that made telecommunications a burgeoning success appear to disappear.

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Sacking The Ministers

THERE are some who succeed only when there is tension. If the country is moving towards peace, they find new noise to heighten the tension. Those who call for sack or change of Ministers are bringing a proposal that has little bearing to the belated efforts to steer the country into some direction. Who will be the new Ministers? Who are their sponsors? What is their motive?

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She Died, Her 3 kids Died

TRAGEDIES like the one in Port Harcourt last week, where at least 10 people died – four from one family – by electrocution are very sad comments about our country, made sadder because they point to the extent of poverty in a country that struts the global stage as if it cared about its peoples.

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