By Kola Animashaun

Tribute From Oludotun Malomo
I am now seeing the fruits of your labour at the Yoruba Constitution Group along with other patriots coming to fruition. The work for self-determination, the frequent trips for the Igbimo Omo Oduduwa meetings in Ibadan.

It was a framework for a Yoruba Constitution, within or without the Nigerian state, which was sent to Nigeria Political Reform Conference in Abuja in early 2006 becoming the irreducible position for our Yoruba nationality in the nationalities conference, to save the fate of the Nigerian nation state.

The grievances in the land are so demanding that we have taken the road to Afghanistan rather the one to Denmark. Suicide bombings are now the order in a section of the polity, even the UN building in Abuja had not been spared, with precious lives lost. Security services formations have not been exempted from suicide bomb attacks.

If you remember, I made an appearance on Kaakaki, the early morning AIT discussion programme, to talk on then President Obasanjo Constitution conference, where I said I was not seeing the election of 2007, but something much deeper than that. Alas the restructuring attempt was aborted under the guise of A THIRD TERM ATTEMPT by the incumbent president.

In the course of the Kaakaki programme, I said in respect of Obasanjo, he had three choices waiting for him and his dear Nigeria: that he could choose to be a Marshal Tito, that partisan of 2nd world war who put together disparate set of  people in Eastern Europe and rule them with iron hand, but on his passing, despite attempts at six co-presidencies, his Yugoslavia disintegrated in a bitter civil war.

A Comrade Breshenev, who on becoming the General Secretary of the Soviet party politburo, instituted glasnost that swept him out of power and broke up the Soviet State.

Finally, a General Charles De-Gaulle, a partisan of Free French movement of 2nd world war who was called on severally to save the French State in 1958. He gave the French a new constitution and new political order that the nation is still regaling in. My comprehension then was, the Obasanjo that I know would choose the De-Gaulle, model but the rest is recent history.

Election did take place in 2007 and power returned to the North with President’s Umar Musa Yar’Adua, erstwhile governor of Katsina State and junior brother who unfortunately lost his life in hasty circumstances in prison.

But mid-term to the new government the president took ill and the macabre dance of the Nigerian state were instituted that it took “a doctrine of necessity” whatever it is for the vice- president from South-south to be sworn in as acting president. Those who shot down Constitutional Conference revelled in their pyrrhic victory not ‘cunning’ of the saying “eepa para e, o ni o un pa aja”

In Nigeria, are we having a clash of civilisations as posited by Samuel Huntington, where cultural values of the different societies in our colonial amalgam are expressing themselves to unravel the exploiting existing order? Could it just be political decay, where existing political systems, and institutions are encouraging polarisation, thus becoming less legitimate?

Whatever it is, could this be the end of history for Nigeria as a nation state? Dear egbon, it is the national conference that the elite, have denied calling the past two decades, but now playing itself out in our daily occurrence, “iyan odun merin o si gbona feli feli”. Could this be end of history for Nigeria as a nation state?

Your Aburo,
Oludotun Malomo

AbdulKareem Adisa – RIP
Today, I remember a young friend of mine.  AKD died February 17th 2005 at London hospital Friday February 25th and was buried February 27th 2005. He died in a ghastly accident. A K Adisa was a General in the Nigerian Army. He would not know how far he would have gone.

AKD was colourful whatever you care to think about it. You may say, you could not deny where he stood.
Abacha said he joined the so-called coup and Abacha said he should be killed. Like the phoenix, he rose from his own ashes.

AKD acknowledged me as senior brother and treated me as such. Even in captivity he sent his regards to me when I had an accident, no wonder I missed him.

AKD and Taju Olanrenwaju were prominent in the PDP. I would not know what role Oladipo Diya played in the party. But I did not know whether they profited from it. They had clemency and Obasanjo had everything including pardon.

Obasanjo ought to have afforded them pardon; Yar’ Adua and Goodluck did not. And they know the difference between clemency and pardon. They know (Taju & Oladipo) what they are losing. AK Adisa may not know the difference.

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