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Murder and gender politics in a corrupt society

This is a difficult topic to write about. What I am about to describe is a cautionary tale, one at the intersection of a number of issues arising from the toxicity of the Nigerian society, an environment where money, power and greed on both the public and private stage constantly result in death and unhappiness. We have not yet begun to publish statistics of the number of murders which occur in Nigeria annually (or even state by state for that matter) and how many are “crimes of passion” linked to the peculiarities of a system that objectifies women, makes them believe that outside of marriage they are worthless and moreover, emphasises marriage as an economic opportunity alone.

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Buhari vs corruption: Bringing a knife to a gun fight

It is no longer news that corruption is fighting back. Ironically, and rather curiously, its defendants are allegedly able to employ the services of those closest to the President to thwart his efforts at taming the beast. One remembers Goodluck Jonathan’s past claims that his own cabinet had been infiltrated by Boko Haram sponsors (he never clarified his statement) which points to the fact that virtually every Nigerian administration since independence has been infiltrated by nefarious individuals who fight progress, or any developments which are not personally beneficial to them, from within.

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