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Who were Sanusi’s supervisors?

WE have already embarked on a gradual descent to anomie. Some day soon, when we arrive at destination, we shall have no difficulty in recognising it. The early signs are very clear: we now have a country where evil is constantly celebrated and where people get away with murder in the manner of providing comic relief. We just laugh and get entertained.

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Campaign, sensitisation and gimmickry

WE live in a world of oddities where one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. The best time to decide whether to climb up or not is when one is yet on the ground, not after one has climbed half way. In essence, the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, should by now be deciding if it is honestly prepared to conduct the 2015 general elections. We think INEC is unprepared.

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ABACHA LOOT: Unborn tomorrow, dead yesterday

STRONG man, Sani Abacha, had no reason to begin to provide for failure since he was sure that nothing was going to prevent him from transforming himself to the life president of Nigeria. Such a man had no cause to begin to disguise his loots. He was, therefore, an archetype of a Nigerian thief who could steal with impunity.

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Straightening Amaechi’s K-leg

A MAN’S journey in life reminds us of the antelope and the lion. When the antelope wakes up in the morning, it knows it must outrun the fastest lion, lest it would be consumed. When the lion wakes up, it realises that it must outrun the fastest antelope or it would starve to death.

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Emir Sanusi

Sanusi’s inconsistent consistency

EVIDENTLY, the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, has been quite loquacious. Since his ascendancy to the position of CBN Governor, there has been no holding the parrot’s mouth. He has made his opinion readily available on every topic, including those vexatious political issues that had nothing to do with his role as the CBN Governor.

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Climbing a tree from the top

By Josef Omorotionmwan NIGERIA reminds us of the case of the smart messenger with a short memory. This messenger soon turned his mother into a money spinning machine of sorts. One morning, he came to the office to announce that his mother was critically ill and he needed money to procure her medication. Out of
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As we approach the 2015 war

IT was in the spring of 1974. My letter of admission to Mercy College, DobbsFerry, New York, to study Criminal Justice arrived our Bronx residence, in the presence of an American friend, Meredith. This letter produced an open ambivalence: while I was obviously elated, my friend was totally pensive. Her feeling emanated from the fact that the Jehovah’s Witnesses, to which she belonged, had predicted that Armageddon – the apocalypse that would consume the world – was coming in the winter of that year. She rued the prospect of anyone wasting money and time, entering into a venture at the edge of a precipice.

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